9 injured in S-Oil Ulsan plant explosion fire

On the 19th, a fire (pictured) occurred at the S-OIL plant in the Onsan Industrial Complex in Ulju-gun, Ulsan-si, injuring 9 workers.

According to the fire department, an explosion occurred in the production process of S-OIL’s Ulsan plant at around 8:51 pm that day, according to the fire department. It is known that the explosion occurred during the test drive after completing regular maintenance work. It was a place where high-pressure and high-temperature work was carried out, so the impact was great, such as shaking the windows of a nearby building. Reports were also received of earthquake-like vibrations in Ulsan, Jung-gu, Dong-gu, and Buk-gu, which are more than 10 km away from the accident site.

Nine people were injured, including employees of the company and subcontractors, in the accident. There were 6 people with serious injuries and 3 people with minor injuries. The fire department issued the first level of response at 8:57 pm immediately after the accident, and upgraded it to the second level at 9:40. Fire trucks and chemical vehicles were mobilized to extinguish the fire at six fire stations. Fire officials said it would take some time before the fire was completely extinguished.

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