9 months imprisonment for the former manager of “Cicada”, no parole for scamming two worlds

On December 15, 2022, lawyer Nida’s Facebook page posted a photo and noted that ….

#Two Worlds case where Mr. K Wattana and Mr Jacjun Akamsiri were falsely accused by their former managers. Creating stories to damage reputation

Today the court read the judgment. The defendant was sentenced to 18 months in prison, and his sentence was reduced by half to 9 months in prison, even though he admitted and paid some of the compensation. But the court found that the behavior was serious. Due to the misrepresentation of false messages to famous people such as Khun Young Kanchai, Khun Bum Panadda, Miss Ning Panita It is seen that the defendant intends to spread the news widely to the public. In addition, it did not seem that the good name of Khun K.. could be reconciled both within the ability to do So, it is not appropriate to wait for the punishment.

Thank you to the court for your mercy. Many thanks to investigators and prosecutors.

Thank you Nida Lawyer Facebook page


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