9 morning habits that make you gain weight adjust eating habits You can lose weight!

What is your morning routine? can it cause weight gain? It is recommended to start by adjusting our eating habits first! especially those who do not eat breakfast or even if they eat breakfast But if the diet is unbalanced. Carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber can all contribute to weight gain too!

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morning habits that make you gain weight

1. Don’t eat breakfast

not eating breakfast Contributing to rapid weight gain Including eating an unbalanced breakfast as well. We should eat foods that are high in fiber. and moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Because eating foods that contain fiber and protein will make our stomach full. As a result, we can eat fewer fast snacks throughout the day. So there is no risk of weight gain

2. Eating breakfast too early

Even if we eat breakfast But if you eat too early It can make us hungry easily. Until I have to eat more We may eat 4 meals a day. Therefore, it is advisable to start eating breakfast a little later. to prevent too many calories before our dinner

3. Eat only carbohydrates

Popular breakfast foods that are high in carbohydrates Whether it’s bread, pancakes, bagels, it can be said that it can contribute to weight gain. Indeed, during weight loss, we can eat carbohydrates. But there are good and bad carbohydrates. But even if we choose to eat good carbs If the body does not have the fiber and protein needed to help control blood sugar levels and keep us full longer. It will make us feel hungry faster to the point that we need to eat more and risk gaining weight.

4. eat only protein bars

Although protein is important in the morning because it fills our stomachs But if we eat protein Especially the protein bar only. It may not help us fill our stomach until we are easily hungry and have to eat more until there is a risk of gaining weight. which people eat protein bars instead of meals They tend to overeat the rest of the day.

5. Eat a low fat breakfast

low fat diet This may sound good for weight loss, but in reality it can do more harm than good for weight loss. It also affects our brain too. Because fat is the food that makes us full. and performs important functions in every part of our body But it is recommended to eat a good fat diet. It’s better than bad fat!

6. Only drink coffee

Many people’s morning drink, like coffee, if creamer or sugar is added to it. It can cause weight gain. However, because of too many calories, even if we drink coffee without added sugar. It is still considered lacking in essential nutrients for breakfast. As a result, we feel hungry. Until having to eat more and eventually risk gaining weight

7. Drink Smoothies or Juice

high sugar fruit juice Can increase blood sugar levels It is recommended to drink fruit juice in moderation. Enough to provide vitamins and minerals from the fruit to the body. But don’t go too high in calories. Smoothies are also recommended to include protein. This is because fruit-only smoothies tend to be carbohydrate-based. Without the good fats and protein that will fill our stomachs.

8. Not drinking enough water

drink enough water It can help suppress appetite and increase our metabolism if we don’t drink water in the morning. It may make our efforts to lose weight a waste.

9. Eat a lot after exercise.

Exercise in the morning hoping to burn calories and lose weight. But we eat a lot after a workout like that. This may make you gain weight! instead of eating a heavy breakfast it is recommended to eat breakfast before exercise. and eating small snacks That’s helpful after exercise is better instead.

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