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90-year-old mother sits and looks at her daughter who is sick with covids

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90-year-old mother sits and watches her daughter who is sick with covids, breathing rich, but can’t do anything Finally died at home But the mother still did not know that the child had passed away.

(21 Jul. 21) Facebook Yarn – Zendai Volunteer group helping people with COVID-19 Shocking case revealed. A 90-year-old mother sits with her 57-year-old daughter, who is a patient of COVID-19. The daughter was lying on the floor of the house. Her condition worsened. Grandma could only sit and look at her daughter but couldn’t do anything. Yarn Group Volunteer Team Bring in oxygen to continue breathing. Her blood oxygen measurement dropped to 78. Grandma was a high-risk group.

the yarn group Plans to help take the infected daughter to receive treatment. Recently, this morning (Jul 21) was informed that The daughter had died in the house. therefore coordinated the rescuers to collect the body

While my grandmother’s test results were positive for the yarn group. has coordinated the car in order to bring Grandma to be treated at Busarakham Hospital next extremely depressing Grandma still didn’t know that her daughter had died.

Grandma sat up and reached out to touch her daughter’s feet. I tried to ask the officer what my daughter was up to. The official said She is sleeping and will take her daughter to the hospital for treatment. So that Grandma doesn’t feel hurt. On the way to the hospital, Grandma still cares about her daughter along the way.


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