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Foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) Founder Zhang Zhongmou today (26) talked about the issue of the establishment of local semiconductor supply chains in various countries, and once again emphasized that it is impossible to re-establish an independent supply chain in the United States, and it will not be enough in the end. Complete, higher cost, and this is a challenge for both global semiconductors and even Intel. He also emphasized that the semiconductor industry is still competitive in Taiwan.

Zhang Zhongmou attended the 20th Anniversary Dinner of Yushan Science and Technology Association today. He delivered a special speech on “Learning and Growth of Operators” and accepted on-site questions after the meeting. Regarding countries’ desire to establish local semiconductor supply chains, Zhang Zhongmou said that, as he said earlier, in the past few decades, global companies have benefited from globalization and free trade and have developed and grown, but now the world is no longer flat.

Zhang Zhongmou pointed out that many people, including Intel’s new CEO, say that Taiwan and South Korea are not safe and need to establish a supply chain in the United States, but this is a challenge for Asia, global semiconductors, and even Intel.

Zhang Zhongmou believes that Intel has its motives to encourage US government subsidies, but the US has provided a subsidy of US$52 billion for semiconductor manufacturing. This is just the beginning and the amount is still not enough.

Zhang Zhongmou pointed out that in the 1990s, the United States had a 42% market share in global semiconductor wafer manufacturing, and now only 17%. He hopes to increase the market share by expanding the local semiconductor supply chain, but it is impossible to turn back the clock.

As previously said in the press conference after the APEC leader representative meeting, Zhang Zhongmou said that it is impossible to re-establish a local semiconductor supply chain in the United States. high.

From a manager’s point of view, Zhang Zhongmou also believes that in the era when he founded TSMC, it was impossible for Taiwanese to manage overseas subsidiaries, and even now that Taiwanese managers manage the Arizona plant in the United States, it is unlikely that Intel manages the Arizona subsidiary. Like the company.

Zhang Zhongmou emphasized that the current world is not completely free of competition and is facing challenges. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is still very competitive in the world. Operating in Taiwan is the only choice for the domestic semiconductor industry to maintain its competitiveness.

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