92 prisoners escaped from Tocorón recaptured

During the execution of Phase II of the Cacique Guaicaipuro Liberation Operation, the recapture of 92 prisoners who had escaped from the Aragua Penitentiary Center, located in Tocorón, has been achieved, who are being subjected to interrogations to detect connections with the criminal organization Tren de Aragua, which operated from the prison facilities.

The search operation for the escaped prisoners was expanded beyond the state of Aragua, due to information according to which the subjects are looking for negative allied leaders in the interior of the country to provide them protection, explained a source.

The Government has also already initiated contact with the Colombian authorities to exchange information regarding the escaped leaders of the Aragua Train; that is, Héctor Guerrero Flores (Niño Guerrero) and Josué Santana (El Santanita).

Last week the Minister of the Interior, Remigio Ceballos, declared to Últimas Noticias that Niño Guerrero was fully free, but remained in prison.

They investigate the Llano Train

On the subject, opposition deputy Octavio Orta applauds the Government’s decision to take control of the Aragua Penitentiary Center, located in Tocorón, which he described as “a den of corruption and crime.”

Orta validated the thesis according to which Tocorón was “a niche, a school for criminals and a center of organized crime.” Based on this reasoning, Orta pointed out that the Government should “turn towards our beloved Guárico and propose to put an end to the Tren del Llano”, alluding to a criminal organization whose base of operations is located in the Altagracia mountains of Orituco. The deputy is an agricultural producer from the aforementioned Llanera entity.

“We also demand that the connection of some officials and former officials of the Guárico governorate, who have been identified as legitimizing capital from criminal acts committed by members of the Tren del Llano, be investigated,” said deputy Octavio Orta.

With information from: Daily Advance