95% mask use avoids blockade, vaccine is not a silver bullet = WHO official | Reuters

November 19 World Health Organization (WHO) Secretary-General Hans Kruge said that a new lockdown (city blockade) could be avoided by thoroughly wearing masks regarding the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Europe. Showed the idea of. Photo taken on October 30th in Paris, France (2020 Reuters / Charles Platiau)

[Geneva19thReuters]–Hans Kruge, European regional secretary general of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced on the 19th that a new lockdown (city) will be made by thoroughly wearing masks regarding the spread of the new coronavirus in Europe. Blockade) indicated that it could be avoided.

Mr. Kruge said in a press conference from Copenhagen that in Europe alone, more than 29,000 people have died from the new corona infection in the past week alone, and some have a tight medical system.

“Europe, along with the United States, is once again the epicenter of the infection. There is light beyond the tunnel, but the next six months will be a tough time,” he said.

He also said, “My position is that lockdown is avoidable and the last resort. Masks are not a panacea and need to be used in combination with other infection control measures. However, if the mask wearing rate reaches 95%, The blockade is no longer necessary and can be avoided. “

On the other hand, the blockade required a safe and gradual release and warned of the negative effects of rushing mitigation.

Regarding schools, he said that primary education institutions should not be closed, and that adolescents were not the main cause of the spread of the infection and that school closures were “ineffective”.

Hopeful news has pointed out that vaccines have been “not a silver bullet, especially in the early stages, as supply is known to be limited”.


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