A 1:1 draw with Spain and Germany is not hopeless

A 1:1 draw with Spain and Germany is not hopeless

Sports Now】 Spain and Germany battled fiercely in the World Cup Group E on Sunday, with both being played by reserve forwards. First, Morada came on as a substitute and then Mad broke the situation Bull Seven minutes before the end of the game, Fugaolo also replaced in the second half equal for Germany. After a 1:1 draw Germany are at the bottom of the standings but still not out, they are still expected to win the final and qualify Spain, who has 4 points, has a slight advantage, but it is also possible to be out Spain, who beat Costa Rica 7-0 in the first match, made only one change in the line-up in this match. Cahuacha replaced Espyleguda at the right gate; Germany, who lost to Japan, let Schner return to the core position in this game. , replacing Schroeda Bick, switched the right gate to West Ham’s Kina, who also replaced the forward Havas by Thomas Mehner.

Spain had the upper hand after the start of the game. In the 7th minute of the game, there was a powerful shot from outside the penalty area by Aum. Newya threw the lintel and jumped up, and which was a false alarm. In the 22nd minute, Aiba led the ball along the left to avoid the opponent, intercepted the kick and bounced out of bounds.

Germany’s ball possession rate is not as good as the opponent’s rate. They used the front court to press to find opportunities, including 25 minutes, forcing the opponent’s goalkeeper Shi Meng to make a clearing mistake . Got a free throw from the right, and Gan Meizhi cut into the penalty area and headed Rudiga, but was judged offside by VAR, and the goal was invalid.

0:0 at half time, 56 minutes after Germany changed sides, Shi Meng’s back court was captured and then the ball was lost. Gan Meizhi had a chance to shoot. Spain switched to Morada in an attempt to strengthen power in the penalty area, and the referee worked in response to Eiba’s pass from the left in 62 minutes. When he entered the wedge, he pressed Shuna’s position and scored with a back of his foot to break the time limit Leading 1:0.

Germany fell behind and counterattacked with all their strength, and replaced Sinney, Niclas Füllkrug and Costavin, etc. In the 83rd minute, Sinney went straight, and Musiyana reacted and turned to get rid of Landis. his teammate shot past Shi Meng’s ten fingers, and the match finished 1:1. This goal also allowed Germany to regain a valuable point of 1. Although the position is still at the bottom, if they can beat If Costa Rica and Spain beat Japan again, they still have a chance to qualify on for second place.

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