A 16 year old girl carrying her child and running away to find a man We talked for a month and said we would take care of them and sleep with them for 5 days and go after them.

16-year-old girl carries her child across the state Find a man you’ve been talking to for just a month. Believes he said he would take care of him and sleep with him for 5 days to chase him back.

At 9:00 am on February 7, 2023, while Pol Lt. Col. Palit-Aran Boonmatun, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Muang Udon Thani Police Station. While on duty at the police station, a 60-year-old boss (fictitious name) from Samut Sakhon brought Ms A, fictitious name, 16-year-old granddaughter, reporting that Ms A had been hit by Mr Kendo, who did not know her real name, surname, age For 32 years, people from Sakon Nakhon tricked to come and live together in the hotel. one in Udon Thani municipality And had an affair for 5 days before sending her granddaughter back home The incident happened 1-6 February, 2023.

Mr. testified Yes that Ms. A son of the eldest daughter. Her father and mother died, so she brought Miss A and her older brother to raise them. At the age of 15, Miss A married and had a family. After a year, they separated, so Miss A returned. Raised an 11-month-old child at home, while Miss A had a career selling seafood on Facebook. Later, on On February 1, Miss A disappeared from her home with her daughter. Unable to connect because the phone is switched off. He was very worried about his nephew, so he went looking for his ex-husband’s house and friends, but no one was found.

Until February 5, the granddaughter called to say she was in Udon Thani and wanted to go home, so she drove to pick him up. This morning, after arriving in Udon Thani Province, she found Ms A, her granddaughter, staying in a hotel near the 1st bus station in Udon Thani municipality. by staying with Mr. Mr. Kendo is Kendo Refusing to come out and talk to him, who is Ms A’s parent, he asked his granddaughter for the story. therefore knowing that he had been deceived so he came to report the prosecution against Mr. Kendo to the end

Ms A said that after leaving her ex-husband He brought his 11 month old daughter to live with Grandfather. In which he earns from selling seafood on Facebook. In which he came to know the sister of Mr. Kendo on Facebook Later in January 2023, he got to know Mr. Kendo. Then we talked through Line. Mr Kendo claimed to work as an IT officer in a bank. and he will travel throughout the North East and he has musical talent and he already has a band he likes to sing in I want to work as a singer So we talked in which Mr. Kendo with him in a romantic way And invited him to live in Udon Thani province together, giving him money to spend 4,000 baht a week. He was convinced and agreed.

Mr Kendo bought a bus ticket for him and his son to travel. and stay in the hotel together and have a relationship But after coming in for only 5 days, the ex-husband called to say that grandfather and people at home were worried. Mr Kendo doubted he would return to his ex-husband. So tell him to go home He is not responsible and does not give the money as promised. he felt sorry to think that he was deceived by mr. Kendo just to have a relationship with him so he called Grandfather to bring him and his children back home

I want to warn young women Don’t believe anyone you know through social media. Don’t judge people easily Especially for the money that was offered to give only. If he is still a child, then go to school. because he lost the opportunity to study And he still regrets it Fortunately, I was still able to call my relatives to pick me up.

Pol.Lt.Col.Pradit-Aran Bunmatun, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Muang Udon Thani Police Station After the interrogation was completed, Ms A was taken for a physical examination at Canolfan Udon Thani Hospital. to find traces of being sexually abused To gather evidence and witnesses to prosecute Mr. Kendo according to the law.

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