A 30-year-old who was assaulted by a group of high school students in Uijeongbu, died after 3 days

In Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, a man in his 30s, who was going home after drinking alcohol, got into an argument with a group of high school students and died while fighting.

The Gyeonggi-do Uijeongbu Police Station reported that a dispute broke out between a man in his 30s and six high school students in the downtown area of ​​Millak-dong, Uijeongbu City around 11 pm on the 4th.

In the process of punching each other, Mr. A was seriously injured and collapsed, losing consciousness.

The police, who have secured the identities of six high school students who were at the scene of the fight, are investigating the circumstances of the fight.

It is said that by analyzing the CCTV, it was confirmed that 2 out of 6 people directly hit Mr.

A police official explained, “We are intensively investigating the link between assault and death through autopsy, etc.” “After that, we will decide the direction of treatment of the minor suspects.”



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