A 40-year-old woman wearing a wedding dress and taking pictures with her high value makes her son misunderstood as her husband… Makeup artist “I believe you are a ghost” | International | CTWANT

The 40-year-old woman took the wedding dress for the first time, and the makeup artist was dumbfounded by the super high quality. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

Recently in China, a young boy born in the 2000s took his 40-year-old mother to take wedding photos. However, because of the mother’s super high value, the makeup artist once doubted the “authenticity” of the mother, and even bluntly said “I believe you are a ghost”. In the end, it was not until the mother said, “After 40 years of life, I finally became beautiful”, which made the makeup artist on the side believe that the beautiful woman in front of her was really a mother.

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, a post-00s (born after 2000) man in Shandong, China, took his 40-year-old mother to a bridal shop to take pictures, and his son started recording with his mobile phone while his mother was putting on makeup. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the makeup artist on the side was helping the woman with makeup, while asking the woman, “Has the wedding date been set?”

Hearing this sentence, not only the mother who was putting on makeup showed a shy smile, but the son who was recording also laughed out loud. Later, the son said to the makeup artist, “He’s my mother.” After the makeup artist heard about it, he didn’t stop doing his makeup, and responded, “Such a young mother? I believe in you!”

Later, the son also used an interview method to ask his mother, “Let me express my reflection on wearing a wedding dress at the age of 40.” The mother said she was “very excited”. At this time, the makeup artist showed a surprised look and asked, “Is it really your mother?” The man also smiled and kept emphasizing, “He is really my mother.”

Finally, after the makeup artist finished, the woman also looked at herself in the mirror and said with admiration, “After 40 years of living, I’m finally beautiful.” After seeing this video, many netizens also left messages saying, “It’s really beautiful!”, “May all mothers in the world stay young forever!”, “Take care of it a little bit, and put on some makeup. At 40 years old, you look in your 20s. It’s not difficult to be old”, “It’s a bit exaggerated to be in my 40s”, “How old are you getting married?”, “My son is in a hurry”, “My son’s laughter is too happy, and it feels very funny.”


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