“A 56-year-old grandfather with a 16-year-old woman…” Shin Sung-woo, everyone was shocked by the shocking situation

Photo = My Daily, MBC

Singer and actor Shin Sung-woo is attracting attention as he plans to reveal an anecdote about his past role as Tom Cruise in the advertising industry by appearing on air. Recently, the shocking situation with his wife 16 years younger was revealed.It took everyone by surprise.

Before that, Shin Sung-woo was born in 1967 and is 56 years old this year. He has a solid body with chocolate abs, a sculpted look, a height of over 180cm despite being born in the 60s, great height, and a husky voice. ‘The original long-haired Terius’and has been active in different fields such as songs, plays, and musicals, and has been loved by the public.

“I had a second son” 16-year-old Shin Seong-woo’s wife “Who is he?”

Photo = MBC's 'Radio Star'
Photo = MBC’s ‘Radio Star’

Previously, MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired on December 7, will feature ‘A Star in My Heart’ featuring Ahn Jae-wook, Shin Sung-woo, Yoon Byung-hee, and Tanaka (real name Kim Kyung- wook).

On this day, I revisited ‘Las’ after 3 years. Shin Sung-woo is 56 years old, but the news came that he had his second son in June this year, he pointed out. He said, “I get jealous of my friends”, raising even more questions.

Photo = Shin Seong-woo's Instagram
Photo = Shin Seong-woo’s Instagram

Shin Sung-woo married a florist 16 years his junior in 2016 and had his first son in 2018 at the age of over 50, giving birth to a late child and joining the recent ranks of fathers in the entertainment industry.

After hearing this news, netizens expressed their curiosity about Shin Sung-woo’s wife. However, no information about Shin Sung-woo’s wife was known.

The ‘shocking reason’ I had to hide my wife

Photo = MBC 'People are good'
Photo = MBC ‘People are good’

In MBC’s ‘People are Good’, where Shin Sung-woo’s family appeared in the past, Shin Sung-woo’s wife at the time appeared in a mosaic-processed state.Curiosity arose among onlookers.

So Why can’t Shin Seong-woo introduce his wife on TVAbout I’ve been a victim of stalking for 20 yearssurprise everyone by revealing a shocking fact.

Photo = MBC 'People are good'
Photo = MBC ‘People are good’

He expressed his uncomfortable feeling, saying, “The person who has distorted thoughts about me is not satisfied, so it has turned into hatred. That friend even touches my family.”

At the same time, he said, “I am a friend who misunderstands that ‘God connected me when I was young'” and that the stalker comes to the front of the house and behaves consecutively, praying that Shin Sung -woo get into a car accident, and even calls saying, “It’s me.” revealed.

Shin Seong-woo said, “I’m sure my wife will take a picture and post a slanderous message when she appears on the screen. My life is revealed to you, but I shouldn’t let my family going through trouble because of me.”

The ‘past’ that could have been Shin Sung-woo’s second marriage

photo = online community
photo = online community

In addition Shin Sung-woo’s marriage to his current wife could have been his second marriage. In the past, Shin Sung-woo was born in 1968, and there was talk of dating actor Chae Shi-ra, who is 55 years old and 1 year younger this year.

In 1997, the headline news of the day was the Terius Shin Sung-woo and Chae Shi-ra scandal in the music industry.The two met through a relative introduction in November 1996, and when dating rumors were reported, the two met on April 15, 1997. A press conference was held at the Hyatt Hotel to announce the wedding.I did it.

photo = online community
photo = online community

Chae Shi-ra said her ideal type was a tall, handsome man who would understand his job. She accepted the proposal of Shin Sung-woo, her ideal type, and the two held a grand engagement ceremony at the Shilla Hotel on May 23, a month later.

However, Shin Sung-woo and Chae Shi-ra were supposed to have a wedding at the Seoul Tower Hotel on September 20 of the same year, but On August 26, less than a month before the expected date of the wedding, the couple announced that they were breaking up.It was a shock to everyone.

Two people who split while preparing for marriage “Why did you break up?”

photo = online community
photo = online community

It is said that a problem arose while the two were seriously preparing for the wedding. Chae Shi-ra’s side demanded the highest level of everything, saying that it was a one-time marriage. On the other hand, Shin Sung-woo wanted to be discreet because he was a public figure. This is called the representative reason that led to the breakdown.

Shin Seong-woo and Chae Shi-ra drew a lot of attention as a handsome couple at the time. They even wanted to show their affection enough to take a swimsuit couple photo and get married safely, but it was revealed that they chose to break off the engagement due to a conflict between the two families, which upset many people .

Netizens who saw this said, “If I had married Chae Shi-ra, how many children would I have by now?”, “A wife 16 years younger than a wife 1 year younger is much better”, “Chae Shi-ra would felt sick to his stomach seeing Shin Seong-woo”, “He is 56 years old. If he is a grandfather, did you have a child? It’s amazing”, “Brother, congratulations. Be happy with your sister-in-law”, etc.

photo = online community
photo = online community

On the other hand, on this day, Shin Sung-woo reveals his Leeds days, when he had up to 40 schedules a day. At that time, he used all modes of transport in one day, from helicopters to trains. Shin Sung-woo said that there were many fans following him, and said, “There was a famous fan that we couldn’t forget.”

Shin Seong-woo also tells the story of his proud presence as Tom Cruise in the advertising world. He talks about the behind-the-scenes story of diving from a height of 25m while shooting a commercial.

Photo = 'Alumni Travel' TV Choice
Photo = ‘Alumni Travel’ TV Choice

Shin Seong-wu, who in his unique cartoon-derived visual, surprised the MCs of ‘Radio Star’ by talking about an episode where he actually became the main character of a famous cartoon. Next, he will introduce himself as the pioneer who first popularized the leggings fashion in the entertainment world, and will reveal a related story.

Here, Shin Sung-woo admits a special reason why he started growing a beard, another trademark of his, along with long hair. A behind-the-scenes episode of Shin Sung-woo can be seen on ‘Radio Star’, which airs today (7th) at 11:10pm on Wednesday.

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