A 7-year-old boy was attacked by a dog while playing in the apartment, his face was seriously injured

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A 7-year-old child and her mother were bitten by a dog that suddenly appeared in an apartment complex in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, and seriously injured.

A dog that was raised in a nearby house suddenly ran out and attacked a person.

Reporter Woong-seong Yoon will tell you.

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Two medium to large sized black dogs enter the apartment complex.

The dogs went straight to the plaza where the children were playing, and a pit bull terrier attacked a mother and a 7-year-old child.

The dog bit the child straight away and also bit the mother’s arm, which was holding back.

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“The child must have been bitten, so the mother must have gone and chased the dog. It must have just been pulled.

Dogs attacking the apartment complex started from the entrance to the square and continued to the central part about 20 meters away.

The owner of the dog was not there, and the dog was not even on a leash or muzzle.

An apartment resident threw a chair at the dogs and managed to separate them, but the child was seriously injured and was transported to a doctor helicopter, where he underwent emergency suture surgery.

The dogs caught at the scene were identified as dogs raised in a detached house about 1 km from the apartment.

After the accident, the owner’s house was found, but the owner was not there, and only a pit bull terrier carrying a child was tied to a leash.

According to the Animal Protection Act, a dog cannot leave the kennel without the owner, and if a person is injured, the owner may be punished by imprisonment for up to two years or by a fine of up to 20 million won.

The police have booked the dog owner for violating the Animal Protection Act and are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident, including whether safety measures have been taken.

This is Yoon Woong-seong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Jang Woo-chang (Daejeon)

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