A 9-day public holiday is coming at the beginning of the new year in 2022?

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. The year of the tiger is 2022. Does a great holiday that office workers are excited about really exist?

So I’ll just wrap it up. This is the current state of the holiday calendar for 2022.

◆ Lunar New Year holidays… A 9-day big holiday is coming.

According to the lunar calendar for 2022 published by the Ministry of Science and ICT, there will be 67 public holidays next year, the same as this year. However, the five-day workweek, including Saturdays and substitute holidays, has a total of 118 days, two more days than this year.

There is good news for this lunar calendar. The amendment bill to the ‘Regulations on Public Holidays in Public Offices’ to expand the application of alternative public holidays, which was passed by the State Council on the 3rd, is reflected. According to this, the existing substitute holidays were applied to a total of 7 days, including Lunar New Year’s Day, the day before and the day after Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok, the day before and after Chuseok, and Children’s Day.

Let’s start with the red day first. Public holidays that will be displayed in red on the calendar are: Buddha’s Birthday (May 8), the last day of Chuseok (September 11), Hangeul Day (Oct. ), Christmas Day (December 25) overlaps with Sunday, making it the same 67th as this year.

This includes public holidays due to the presidential election on March 9 and the simultaneous nationwide local elections on June 1. However, with the addition of the Chuseok alternative holiday (September 12) and Hangeul Day (October 10), the total number of holidays is 118, two more than this year.

Now, then, is there really a great holiday that everyone will be excited about? Surprisingly there is

The longest holiday is 5 days from Saturday, January 29th to February 2nd, including the weekend for Lunar New Year. If you artificially adjust this, you can make it a great holiday. The second day of the holiday is Wednesday. If you add two annual leave on Thursday and Friday, you can make a 9-day golden holiday until the weekend of that week.

Chuseok has 4 days off including substitute holidays. There are also many that are three days in the middle. On Memorial Day, Liberation Day, National Foundation Day, and Hangeul Day, you can spend three days on weekends including weekends. The main traditional holidays are February 15th (Jeongwol Daeboreum (January 15th lunar calendar)), Korean food April 6th, Dano (May 5th lunar calendar) June 3rd, Chobok July 16th, overlapping July 26th, Tanabata (7th day of the 7th day of the lunar calendar), August 4th, Malbok, August 15th, etc.

◆ Reasons why office workers have to live until 2044

About 9 days is a medicine. The great holiday is coming again. Even ten days.

The earliest is the Chuseok holiday in October 2025. In that year, the 3rd Day of Foundation Day is a Friday, the 6th is Chuseok, the 7th is the day after Chuseok, and the 9th is Hangeul Day. In this case, since the day before Chuseok is a Sunday, if the 8th (Wednesday) is designated as an alternative public holiday, the 7-day holiday can be enjoyed. If the 10th (Friday) is designated as a temporary holiday, another 10-day Golden Week holiday is created from October 3 to 12.

The next year is 2028. In October, Chuseok also falls on the 3rd, and since Chuseok overlaps with the National Foundation Day, if the 5th (Thursday) becomes a substitute public holiday and the 6th (Friday) is designated as a temporary public holiday, the rest can continue until the 9th (Monday) Hangeul Day. From September 30th to October 9th, another 10-day holiday is created.

There is a reason why office workers have to live until 2044. If alternative holidays are applied to Hangeul Day, and temporary holidays are designated at the same time, a 10-day holiday can be expected in 2044.

In October 2044, National Foundation Day is Monday on the 3rd, the 4th is the day before Chuseok, the 5th is Chuseok, and the 6th is the day after Chuseok. In this case, if the 7th (Friday) is designated as a temporary public holiday, the 9th (Sunday) will be replaced by the Hangeul Day, and the 10th (Monday) will become a substitute public holiday, and a 10-day holiday will start from October 1.

An official from the travel industry said, “If the government changes, the application of alternative holidays will naturally become more generous.

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