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A battle over photos of swimsuits in Osaka at the Olympics… I don’t interview

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Naomi Osaka (24, Japan), 2nd in the women’s tennis world ranking, was embroiled in a controversy after she appeared on the cover of a sports magazine in a swimsuit.

On the 20th (Korean time), Osaka released a picture of her swimsuit published in the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ through its social networking service (SNS).

He boasted that he was the first Haitian and Japanese woman to appear as a swimsuit model for the magazine. As is known, Osaka was born to a Haitian father and a Japanese mother.

However, some broadcast hosts and social media users began to criticize this photo.

Osaka, who had accepted a photo shoot for a magazine, recently refused an interview with the press, complained of depression and took issue with the fact that he withdrew from the French Open, a major tennis tournament.

Clay Travis, who works as an American political critic, wrote on his Twitter, “Osaka, which is too ‘introverted’ to speak at a press conference after a tennis match, has started a reality show called ‘Barbie’.

Now it’s on the cover of a magazine.”

Then, famous American anchor Megyn Kelly retweeted Travis’s post and added, “Let’s not forget that it was also featured on the cover of Vogue Japan and Time magazine (along with the interview)!”

Osaka, who faced their criticism, did not put up with it and counterattacked.

He told Kelly, “If you were a journalist, I thought you would have looked up the lead times for magazines.

If you did, you would know that these photos were taken last year.” “But your first reaction was to get on here and express your negative emotions. Please do a little better.”

Osaka’s tweet containing this content has now been deleted. After that, Osaka seems to have blocked Kelly and others on social media.

Kelly later said, “Osaka cut me off when they sniped me. He claims he’s very nervous when dealing with the press, and says he’s taken pictures for magazines publicly. The truth is, Osaka doesn’t like being asked questions that are out of his control.” . Admit it.”

The British broadcast host Pierce Morgan’s social media was also blocked by Osaka.

He, who also criticized the pictorial, did not stop criticizing, saying, “Osaka blocked me too. The only media Osaka can tolerate is magazine editors who flatter how perfect they are.”

Some social media users also criticized that they could not understand his actions, such as “Can you pose in front of the camera, but can’t talk?”

However, many fans are sending messages of support and support to the imposing appearance of Osaka.

Osaka, which has been selected as a candidate for the ‘next-generation Empress’ by winning four major singles titles, is challenging for the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

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