A browser that collects virtual money by surfing the net

“Brave” is a high-performance browser that attracts attention because it has an ad-blocking function as standard and also has a built-in “Tor” anonymous browser. Brave automatically blocks ads on any website, but you can also display ads and earn pocket money. Let’s take a look at the features of Brave that allow you to accumulate virtual money by surfing the net.

A browser that collects virtual money by surfing the net

Brave earns virtual money by displaying ads

Brave offers a service called “Brave Rewards” that collects a virtual currency called “BAT (Basic Attention Token)” by browsing ads distributed by the company instead of blocking ordinary web ads.

This is a mechanism that distributes the advertising fee, which is usually shared between the ad delivery side and the site management side, between Brave’s user side and Brave’s side. It would be an ant to enable “BraveRewards” for the purpose of accumulating BAT.

If you enable ad delivery in “Brave Rewards”, ads will be displayed on the notification screen. You can set how often ads are displayed.

How Brave stores BAT virtual currency

A system where BAT virtual currency is accumulated as a reward when ads are displayed on Brave. Virtual money accumulates every time you watch an ad. As of September 2022, 1 BAT is around 50 yen. You can withdraw through exchanges like BitFlyer.

Brave has two options: “private window” which leaves no history of operation, and “private window with Tor connection” which hides the access path and allows you to browse anonymously.

A private window is a mode that does not leave browsing history, cookies, form data, etc. on the PC. You can browse questionable websites without leaving a trace even if your family members see them.

Brave comes standard with the Tor browser, which hides the access path through multiple servers. If you are using a private window making a Tor connection, you can browse without your IP address being known to the destination of the connection. You can also access the dark web.

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