A bruised girl, a young man intends to be betrothed with 10 baht of gold, and they can live together for 2 months before escaping the gold.

A young man cheats his betrothed to a woman with 10 baht of gold until the girl’s heart dies. Willing to live as husband and wife for 2 months, plot to ask for gold back and run away

Reporters in Prachinburi Province are reporting progress from the case of Jeda, vegetable vendor Wang Takhian. Kabinburi District, Prachinburi Province complained to reporters who got to know Mr. Ruth through Facebook. After socializing with The man said he loved him and asked to stay with him. Then gold necklaces weighing 10 baht were brought to the engagement, and the female relatives knew and lived with me as husband and wife. In the meantime, ask to save money for marriage by agreeing to a dowry amount of 100,000 baht, gold weight 4 baht The man said he would come to ask after the end of the Buddhist Lent.

But before the end of the Buddhist Lent, the woman arranged a wedding for her son. The man asked for a gold chain of 10 to wear to the wedding. After the wedding, Mr. Ruth said she would like to wear a little more gold to go on a mission. The women still do not understand and they are also preparing to go and see the wedding dress. Ready to continue wearing gold necklaces for men

After that, Mr. disappeared. She ran from the house and did not contact him back. The woman contacted him He said he apologized to himself for having a wife. I have to apologize for what I have done. Don’t blame it and don’t curse, let’s end it.

The latest progress, Jada has filed a complaint with Pol Lt Col. Arthit Sriprach, Deputy Superintendent of Wang Takhian Police Station. Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, joined Pol Col Prasertsak Chanprathet, Superintendent, to hear the complaint said Lt. Col. Athit a summons will be issued for the man and the charges against him. embezzlement and will invite himself to testify and continue to mediate

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