Home News A brutal husband sees his wife chatline talking to another man Thrashed, stabbed, incontinent, 16 wounds died.

A brutal husband sees his wife chatline talking to another man Thrashed, stabbed, incontinent, 16 wounds died.

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Today (30 May ’16) Lt. Lt. Ying Nanat Anongphisarn, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Muang Nong Khai Police Station Received reports of murder in a dormitory Along Nong Khai – Phon Phisai Road, Ban Nong Phai, Hat Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Khai Province, then went to investigate the scene with Pol. Doctors at Nong Khai Hospital And the rescuers manifested At the same time, the police reported that the perpetrator had surrendered himself at Muang Nong Khai Police Station already.

The scene was a one-story dormitory. In front of room 9, a 41-year-old Ms. Sawai Kitakot died under a tree in front of the room, a 5-inch long sharp kitchen knife was found in blood. The autopsy found a stab wound. There were 4 severe wounds on the chest, under the breasts, and a total of 16 minor wounds on the torso and both arms.

Inquiring about a 15-year-old general (name has been changed), an eyewitness said that while the incident happened, he was sitting in front of the room. Saw the deceased riding a motorcycle past his face until he reached the front of the deceased room Found her dead husband jumping on a motorcycle Until the deceased falls Then her husband jumped up across the body. Before using a knife to pierce Soon my husband rode a motorcycle. He was very shocked, hurried to notify the dormitory owner and inform the staff to check.

After the incident, Mr. Thanom left many people, 51 years old, rode a motorcycle into Muang Nong Khai Police Station Informed that it was the culprit to surrender himself to the police, which Pol. Maj. Kasem interrogated Mr. Thanom Along with informing the initial charge of killing others with intent Then detained and sent the investigator to prosecute according to the law

According to the investigation, Mr. Thanom testified that he had known Ms. Sawai on Facebook about a year ago and had lived together for about 10 months, doing a business in papaya salad, but 2 months ago Ms. Sawai Rent a room for him to stay separately With the female side to and fro Not always with me

Even before the incident, he told Ms Sawai to buy cigarettes for him. With his wife riding a motorcycle But put the phone in the room After a long time, there was a line of text, so he opened it and saw it as a conversation between his wife and an adulterous man. When the wife rode back on a motorcycle, he acted on the scene. He kicked the fallen train and straddled his body, stabbed it several times with a knife and died Then rode a motorcycle to surrender He had never committed a crime before. And don’t regret what you’ve done Because he wanted to teach and let women see as an example that they should not cheat on their husbands like this

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