A carer is long before the court charged with attacking her dementia patient

A carer is long before the court charged with attacking her dementia patient


August 23, 2019 20:56:11

A footage of a carer shown by a court compatible and sworn by her 81-year-old dementia patient before the police allege that she married the older woman in the foot.

Alicia Gawronski, 28, pleaded not guilty to common assault and intimidation charges over the alleged assault on Gladys Buchanan on 31 August 2018.

Ms Gawronski had been working as a live-in carer for Mr Buchanan for 18 months, when neighbors worried police at Thirroul's house on the south coast of New South Wales.

The police said that when they arrived they heard screaming, but he was unhappy.

The Chief Constable Brack Lipinski told Wollongong Local Court that he walked crying, as he and the Chief Constable Daniel Mansfield met the unit, so he decided to record what they heard.

The videos were played in court on the first day of the hearing before the Justice of Roger Clisdell.

In the first of two terrible videos, Ms Gawronski can hear more and more grow with Ms Buchanan, who set aside the background.

"Be quiet, please. Why are you still doing noise? Stop," Ms Gawronski said.

"Relax, make your knees bent, you can.

"You're full of s ** t … no one is going to believe that a person is full of *** t and that he has dementia. Remember that."

Noise like slapping or applause can be heard in the video, followed by screaming, and Ms Gawronski said, "Do it again, dare ya".

The Chief Constable Lipinski said that he then walked around the other side of the building, and that he would see the older woman sitting on the floor with no pipes.

"She then married the victim in the foot and let the victim scream out," he said.

Cross-examined by Ms Gawronski's lawyer, Elias Tabchouri, Chief Constable Lipinski, was asked why he did not go into the house immediately, if he was worried.

The police officer said he was unsure at first, but as he heard what was happening he decided that he had to record more evidence.

The Chief Constable Lipinski was also challenged to declare that the sound he had heard was slapping, and he raised the possibility that he was clapping.

The police officer admitted that he could be clapping, but he believed that the interview he had reinforced he had been slapping.

Mr Tabchouri recommended to the Senior Constable Lipinski that the thing he saw was not big enough, but Ms Gawronski used his left hand to implement Ms Buchanan's left leg to apply children's powder while cleaning and changing.

The solicitor told the court that the relationship was one of the elderly carers and patients with hearing difficulties.

Ms Gawronski was supported by her family in court and appeared to be very upset.

The case was adjourned until 31 October.


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