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A chaebol woman who appeared in the carrot market… “We sold 13 billion won of used goods such as Rolex”

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A woman who sold used items worth 13 billion won, including luxury watches and jewelry, on the online second-hand trading platform ‘Carrot Market’ is a hot topic.

On the 17th, an article titled ‘Chaebol Seller Appeared in Carrot Market’ was posted on various online communities.

The seller is selling or selling items worth hundreds to tens of millions of won, such as luxury watches and jewelry, in the Seocho-gu area of ​​Seoul.

Representatively, among the items sold by this seller, Rolex GMT Master 2 model 165 million won, Piaget Polo men’s watch 89.99 million won, original Piaget watch 82 million won, Rolex Day Date 48 million won, etc. were included.

The author of the public opinion wreath explained, “The total amount sold by the seller is 13 billion won.”

It may be a second-hand transaction for a high-income real estate agent, but there is an opinion that the sale of stolen items is due to the fact that expensive items have been released one after another. There are also suspicions that the transaction is for the purpose of tax evasion, such as money laundering or gift giving.

Earlier, on the 8th, Park Hong-geun, a member of the National Assembly’s Planning and Finance Committee, said that he had confirmed that luxury watches priced around 10 million won and gold bars priced around 7 million won were traded on a used trading platform.

According to the current law, all businesses must pay a 10% value-added tax when selling goods and services.

Rep. Park said, “It is highly likely that it will be used to launder stolen property or illegally hidden property obtained through crime, and there is a possibility that a crime may occur in the course of the transaction.” However, there is a need for improvement in allowing transactions that are highly likely to evade the law.”

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