A challenge towards the dream of college student programmers… The 8th SCPC concludes with the Metaverse Awards Ceremony – Samsung Newsroom Korea

My 8Samsung Electronics University Student Programming Competition(SCPC, Samsung Collegiate Programming Cup, below SCPC)has gone 17The long journey ended with the metaverse awards ceremony.. SCPCexpand the software ecosystem and discover outstanding talent. 2015This is the first university student programming competition in Korea that has been held since then. past 8a whole year 3only 2About a thousand college students participated and it became the biggest programming competition in Korea in both name and reality..

▲ 8th SCPC participants take part in the distance competition

past 7month and month 8Two qualifying rounds per month 9month 3The finals were held to determine the final positions.. Finalists can access the competition system remotely using Samsung Electronics’ video conferencing solution., led by the supervisors 4They competed in their programming skills over time.. Final result of the day 38The winners have been chosen, past 9month 17total prize money 1An award ceremony was held in the metaverse space announcing the 100 million heroines earned..

▲ The participants of the final rounds took part in the award ceremony held in the metaverse space

▲ Seung-beom Choi, head of Samsung Research’s technology strategy team, delivers a welcome speech at the award ceremony.

Seung-beom Choi, Vice President of Samsung Research’s Technology Strategy Team, gave a welcome speech. “SCPCis a programming competition we create together with you., An opportunity to make your dreams come trueHe saidalgorithm, There is AI, Various software competitions are actively held on the topic of hacking., in the middle SCPCthere are. SCPCWe hope you will grow into the world’s best software expert by interacting through it“laHe said.

▲ Professor Seong-ryeol Kim’s problem solving mini talk time

SCPC Kim Seong-ryeol in charge of the final showdown(Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Konkuk University) In the mini-talk problem solving class, the teacher See participants solve difficult problems with enthusiasm, I could feel that Korean software capabilities are gradually growing.He said.

This year’s winner, Sijeyeon(Seoul National University) the student 2017year3Starting with the convention, 61st place after one challenge2He became the winner of the prize of 10 million.

Second place is Choi Eun-soo(KAIST), Seohyun Choi(Seoul National University) each as a student 1Received a prize of ten million won. winners including these 38Awards and trophies for, Samsung Electronics Recruitment Preferential Privileges.

▲ ‘SCPC World’ opened on the Metaverse platform

Meanwhile, opened within the metaverse platform ‘SCPC worldso that anyone interested in programming can communicate and exchangeSCPCIt is open all the time even after the.

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