A Chinese girl who suddenly showed signs of hair loss… “Because of the bacteria carried by the cat”

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A Chinese girl who suddenly showed signs of hair loss… “Because of the bacteria carried by the cat”

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Photo = Capture of Phoenix Net, Yonhap News

[아시아경제 허미담 기자] Only 10 days after a Chinese girl brought a cat, hair loss has progressed to the point where the crown is flared, and the ripples are rising. The girl is said to have suffered hair loss due to an infection with the cat-transmitted bacteria.

14 days According to Teng Xun (騰迅, Tencent), A (10) living in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, adopted a cat on the 1st of Labor Day.

However, soon after, Miss A’s hair began to fall out, and after that, hair loss in the crown was severely progressed. Accordingly, Ms. A’s mother After seeing her daughter suffering from hair loss, she took her to the hospital.

However, the hospital diagnosed that Miss A was infected with a fungus carried by the cat. Also, the hospital said to Ms. A, ” “You have to push all of your head to apply the medicine,” he said. Afterwards, it was reported that Ms. A followed the advice of the hospital and pushed all of her head around the infected area for treatment.

Chinese netizens who heard this news responded, “What should I do. I’m still young, but my heart hurts”, “I wish the girl healed quickly”, and “I don’t want you to hate cats too much because of that.”

On the other hand, a local hospital said, “During the process of touching the cat while walking indoors, hair and dandruff may fall off, spreading germs throughout the house and spreading it to people.” “If you apply the medicine in time and increase your immunity, you can cure it,” he said.

Reporter Mi-dam Heo [email protected]

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