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A clear stream on Pornhub | Feng Sui’s thirteen dimensions | Position News

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A 34-year-old Taiwanese math teacher named Zhang Xu was whimsical last year. He actually did “adult education” on the pornhub website Pornhub. He taught hardcore calculus in a serious way, and said in a saint model that you have your climax, and I have my extreme value. , His demeanor of being out of silt but not stained is better than Cai Sir, who is smashing evil bones without lifting it. It is really admirable and admirable.

In an interview with Mel Magzaine a few days ago, teacher Zhang Xu said frankly: “People may not be interested in my videos, but they will know that a teacher teaches calculus on an adult video website.” He estimates that more than 60% of Internet users watch his Pornhub videos. Just ask for a smile, not to learn calculus deliberately.

This seemingly absurd behavior is highlighting the magical effect of mathematics. Mathematics is a study of “patterns”, and the real patterns behind complex things are usually not identifiable by the naked eye. Therefore, understanding the world from a mathematical perspective is often counterintuitive or “common sense”, which seems a bit absurd.

Zhang Xu, who knows counting and has a clear heart, chooses to teach mathematics on Pornhub, which actually makes a lot of sense. He said that there are too many mathematics education videos on other platforms such as YouTube. “Because few people teach mathematics on adult video platforms, and there are a lot of viewers there, I think if I upload the videos there, Many people will see it.” Does it sound logical?

As a result, in one year, Zhang Xu’s video views on Pornhub have surpassed 1.6 million and nearly 6,000 people have subscribed. Zhang Xu said: “Many students know me through Pornhub, and some people buy my courses.” “Adult Teaching” greatly increased Zhang Xu’s income from other fee-paying courses, allowing him to earn US$250,000 a year, proving that he was single-handedly and scammed. The odd trick of teaching mathematics in Shenglangyu has worked.

This seemingly joke of lace news is really thought-provoking, and there are two enlightenments in it.

1. There is more than one way to success, but it is usually not the way people walk and walk. Imagine a middle-aged man who wears black-rimmed glasses and wears black-rimmed glasses and cherishes meat like gold. He does not talk about 3P to you on an adult website, but talks about trigonometric functions, and sells mathematical analysis instead of eroticism. How can most people think of becoming famous? Woolen cloth? The creative wisdom of “Teaching Numbers with Pornhub” is almost comparable to “Hunting Ghosts” with “Pornhub”.

2. The Bible teaches you “smart like a snake, tame like a dove.” Teacher Zhang can be described as a perfect interpretation. We have been rolling in the red dust for a long time. It is easy to be dexterous like a snake, but with the years, it will inevitably become like Gong Zizhen’s so-called “more polite and less true spirit, no soul.” I am afraid that it will no longer be “tame”. On the other hand, Zhang Xu, even though he dexterously thought of speaking on pornographic websites, he always worked hard and did his job. He did not sprinkle salt flowers to cater to the heavy tastes of the audience.

Having said that, although it is feasible to teach calculus on Pornhub, is it okay to learn calculus there? I have heard a scientific experiment and it seems to be a good answer to this question. In 2009, psychologists Jens Förster, Kai Epstude and Amina Özelsel of the University of Amsterdam took two tests and found that “love” and “sex” stimulate different thinking patterns.

One of the tests was to divide the participants into three groups and imagine different situations: one group imagined walking on a long road with their lover (love group), one group imagined going to bed with someone who has no love but attracted themselves (sex group), one group Then imagine walking alone (reference group). The following three groups of participants tried to solve some problems of test creativity and some problems of test analysis ability. The result is as predicted by psychologists, the love group solved more creative problems than the reference group, while the sex group solved more analytical problems than the reference group.

Experiments have shown that thinking about romantic pure love will trigger a larger “global thinking” and make you more creative; being full of pornography will trigger a more microscopic “local thinking” and activate your analytical skills. In short, people who think of “love” tend to see the woods, and those who think of “sex” tend to see the trees.

Since calculus involves analysis and scientific proof, Pornhub turns out to be the most ideal calculus classroom!

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