A clinic ordered to pay more than 14 million f to an owner

A building owner located in Fidjrossè, a district of Cotonou seized the Commercial Court of Cotonou for termination of the lease with a polyclinic as well as the payment of rents due.

The Commercial Court of Cotonou sentenced, Thursday, March 23, 2023, a polyclinic to pay its lessor the sum of 14,200,000 FCFA representing unpaid rent.

According to the facts, the owner concluded on June 11, 2014 a professional lease with the polyclinic for 200,000 FCFA per month.

Following an accumulation of rent arrears, the lessor sent a formal notice to the polyclinic on August 12, 2022.

The formal notice remained unanswered and the premises occupied by another clinic.

The lessor requests the termination of the lease for non-compliance with the clauses of the agreement.

The defendants ask their court to pronounce the nullity of the formal notice because it does not mention the violated clauses.

Mr. JD who acted on behalf of the polyclinic ceased all activity with the polyclinic and suspended the opening of the polyclinic in accordance with decree n ° 2018-342 of July 25, 2018 suspending the issuance of authorization and revocation of authorization for private practice.

The Commercial Court of Cotonou ordered the polyclinic to pay its lessor the sum of 14,200,000 FCFA for rent due and unpaid on the date of the summons of November 04, 2022.

According to the Court, the decision is provisionally enforceable up to half of the pecuniary condemnation.

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April 2, 2023 by Ignace B. Fanou,
Marc Mensah