A coach full of hugs, kisses and dance moves; This is Van Gaal’s style

Louis van Gaal/Photo: AFP

Doha: Dutch defender Dumfries had a goal and two assists in a 3-1 win over the United States. Van Gaal was asked when he was in front of the media after the game and pointed to the Dumfries game… Yesterday or before, I gave him a kiss. Da is now going to give him a mother for all to see. Van Gaal is energizing the Dutch side, who are on a 19-game unbeaten run, with hugs, kisses and stairs.

I want to give you a kiss. This is how Van Gaal responded to Senegal’s report which came with praise in the press conference. After the press conference, Van Gaal called the Senegalese reporter, Papa Mahmoud, to give him a hug and congratulate him outside. Van Gaal’s attitude hasn’t changed off the pitch either.

This is the Netherlands’ third World Cup with Van Gaal. Van Gaal was at his peak with his players as they arrived at the St. Regis. In 2000, Van Gaal became the coach of the Orange team. But they failed to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. With this, Van Gaan resigned as coach.

Van Gaal returned to coach the Netherlands in 2012 and led the team to the 2014 World Cup. They lost to Argentina in the semi-finals. Van Gaal later resigned as well. Van Gaal was recalled by the Netherlands again in 2021.

Van Gaal’s decision to include 28-year-old goalkeeper Andreas Knoppert in the World Cup squad was controversial. A good coach’s job is to fight for a place in the team if he believes in the players who are not playing. Van Gaal says it is not easy to concentrate 100 percent even when there is no chance to play.

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