A collection of 7 popular Latin TikTok songs! When it opens, it dances and shakes. TikTok stars, don’t miss it!!

5. MC Mazzie – Ele Te Bota Soca Soca Feat. MC RD (DJ Wizard and DJ NpcSize)

Song name: It Gives You Soca Soca

artist: MC Mazzie Feat. MC RD (DJ Wizard and DJ NpcSize)

review: This song is a beautiful song. and the tune is very sexy, right? It’s another song we really like. in terms of rhythm A can also make a tight melody and have a beautiful, cool rhythm and give the mother a very tight tone!


Song name: GIRL READY

artist: MC PEPEU (OFFICIAL CLIP) Doug Filmes | SWAT DJ

review: If the last song came so that it was tight and tight, it was already full. This song will be full on sexual form! Passionate, magical, full of passion. It may not be a song that can get up and dance to the max, but let me tell you that this was the first Portuguese song. That started to be popular on TikTok and is another very popular song. And the melody is just as good.

7. Offensively – MC Gustta and MC DG (KondZilla) | Official Music Video

Song name: is offensive

artist: MC Gustta and MC DG (KondZilla)

review: Ahem, yes. Insulting! which, in our opinion, can be a song that started to become popular in the beginning in Spanish music Portugal is popular in TikTok The melody has a very loud snake. But the beats and beats that go down every round here say it definitely rocks! If anyone likes this kind of music This song is a must know because it’s the best.

Yes Yes! We’re done with our top 7 Latin TikTok hits! Friends who have tried to listen to it must have secretly danced in their hearts, recently, hahaha. has a list of fun songs let’s go dancing If you like it or want to do something else, you can suggest it below. See you next time tchau!????

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