A combination of Cypherpunk and Ninja, Die by the Blade Revealed

▲ Representative image of Die by the Blade (image source: Facebook game official)

A new fighting game with the samurai punk theme that combines Japanese samurai and cyberpunk will be released on PC and consoles on November 4th.

The title of the game is Die by the Blade, a one-on-one action game where victory and death are shared with just one attack. In the world of samurai punk, he puts everything on one weapon and embarks on a journey to become a real samurai. In fact, it provides a single campaign that tells the story while traveling in a city full of neon signs and a Japanese-style countryside dotted with cherry blossoms.

▲ Die by Blade release date announcement trailer (Video source: Quali Gaming’s official YouTube channel)

Fighting style is determined by the weapon, not the character. It is a fighting style by choosing the one you want from the weapons that have different strengths. The game supports customizing the character to suit your taste, and each character has a different background story. Therefore, the production team explained that they plan to change the fighting style according to the weapon, not the character, so that you can choose your favorite character regardless of how you play. In addition, the appearance of the weapon can be adjusted by customizing it.

There is something special about Daejeon. As usual in fighting games, the health meter at the top of the screen has been removed. In addition, there is one shot that can cost you your life if you are careless, so you cannot let go of the tension for even one second. It requires sharp play that masters the act of blocking or avoiding the opponent’s attack perfectly, continuing the enemy’s attack, and deciding the winner with one shot.

▲ Die by the Blade screenshot (image source: Game Steam official page)

In addition to the solo campaign mentioned above, it supports local players and multiplayer where you can compete against other users in one-on-one matches. In particular, it is possible to compete with users around the world through online ranking games. Additionally, it supports a practice mode where you can practice combos before a full match.

Die by the Blade launches November 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Nintendo Switch version coming next year.

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