A commentary video introducing the full spaceship creation mode of the spaceship building sim “The Last Starship” has been released, and the development is Introversion Software which gave birth to Prison Architect « doope!

The construction and operation sim of the spaceship “The Last Starship”, published in June last year as a new work by Introversion Software, known for many original works such as Prison Architect and Scanner Sombre, and the demo distribution began long awaited public the other day. , while expectations are high that it will enter early access in February 2023, Introversion has released an explanatory video of the full spaceship creation tool “Creative Mode”, which is not included in this demo .

In addition to creating spaceships, equipment, resources, items, etc. with various editing functions, you can check the operation of spaceships and battle tests, upload your own spaceships through Steam Workshop, and download other spaceships. Check the latest video at creative means that can be edited and edited from the following.

“The Last Starship” is a spaceship building and operating sim that explores various star systems with unique missions and scenarios in a procedurally generated universe. Features include construction and design tools, a life-threatening crew resource management system, a tactical real-time combat system, fleet augmentation and expansion with the ability to build and control multiple spacecraft, and a variety of spacecraft upgrades.

Information and image source: Steam

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