A couple living together in Korea and China, as soon as they first appeared, “Don’t come again”… What happened?

A new cohabiting couple and Korean-Chinese international couple, Park Si-won and Jo Na-yoon, have appeared.

On the 24th, Channel A TV’s entertainment program ‘Cohabitation, Not Marriage’ was broadcast on the weekend after Dolsing met each other and lived together for the weekend.

The two expected to break up in the last episode, but after a while, the two met again in a cafe. Kim Jang-nyeon said, “It was very difficult. I think I like you a lot.” In response, Jung Yoon-jin said, “We’ve been through a divorce once. I also promised not to be ‘dolsing’ … They answered and resolved the misunderstanding through conversation, and the relationship between the two became more sticky.

But soon after, the quarrel started again. For the first time, they both looked around the house to be completed a year later and each other’s elementary school children were present, dreaming about the future and having a chat. Jeong Yun-jin prepared chocolate as a gift for the kim-jang-nyeon, pointing out the difference in perception of use to the kim-jang-nyeon, saying, “When you receive something like this and say, ‘How much did you pay for this again?’ However, Kim Jang-nyeon said, “It’s because I want to be out of debt for now. You have credit card debt,” he said, giving his own reasons. In response, Jung Yun-jin refuted , saying, “I don’t have credit card debt, but I’m still paying it off.” The 4MCs also felt sorry for each other as arguments continued over differences in economic ideas.

After that, the day began for Choi Jun-seok and Jeong Se-mi, a newlywed couple who live together. Jeong Se-mi had a busy day talking to the film production company about the scenario she wrote. Meanwhile, after three months, the landlord called to confirm the extension of the contract. In response, Jeong Se-mi said, “The moment has come for a serious conversation about how to live together,” and prepared a glamping date in the city for a detailed conversation with Choi Jun-seok. Jeong Se-mi admitted that she received cold stares from her parents’ home on vacation after living together, and Choi Jun-seok also agreed, saying, “I heard many voices of concern.” However, Jeong Se-mi said, “I think we did well together. At least I won’t be bored if I marry him. I thought I wouldn’t be unhappy,” she said. MCs praised the positive marriage story.

New performers and the first Korean-Chinese international cohabiting couple also debuted. Jo Na-yoon, from China, lived in Seoul for 12 years to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant, and by chance became a DJ manager and even a DJ for the first time. Park Si-won is also a DJ, and he was a ‘straight guy’ who even talked about marrying Jo Na-yoon after 3 days of meeting during the performance. However, Park Si-won was angry when he saw a drunken person carelessly grabbing Jo Na-yoon’s wrist during a DJ performance, and urged him to stop altogether, saying, “It would be nice if you chose to work seriously.” Since that day, whenever DJ work became a hot topic, it became a struggle, and Jo Na-yoon stopped being a DJ and only did housework.

On this day, during lunch, Jo Na-yoon said to Si-won Park, “I want to work again.” However, Park Si-won continued to reject this, and did not bite the attitude, saying that he could work more. Even when a frustrated Jo Na-yoon asked for understanding, saying, “Since I came to live in a foreign country, I’m trying to change a lot for you, and I can’t meet friends or family in comfortable, can’t you understand me?”

In the end, the argument intensified, and Park Si-won said, “Go to Seoul. I won’t dry it. I work and do everything,” and the conversation with Jo Na-yoon ended. In response, Jo Na-yoon also started packing his bags in his suitcase with an angry look, saying, “You don’t regret it?” To Jo Na-yoon, who finally left the house with her suitcase, Park Si-won indifferently said, “Yeah, don’t come back again.” From the first appearance, the two people who faced a crisis raise questions about what story they will reveal next week.