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A couple who gave birth to a baby and thrown it in the food waste while traveling abroad

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Singapore Daily Straits Times website capture.

A Singaporean couple in their 20s, who left their country abroad with impending childbirth, gave birth to a baby, and thrown it in a garbage bag, were caught by the police.

The Singapore Daily Straits Times reported on the 11th (local time) that the police arrested the couple at the request of Taiwanese investigative authorities on the 28th of last month and are investigating the couple.

Earlier, in February 2019, the body of a newborn baby was found in a garbage bag at a garbage disposal facility in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taiwanese investigative authorities scoured more than 100 closed circuit (CC) TVs along the trash car track in which the body was transported, and examined the immigration records. According to Taiwanese prosecutors, at the time of the incident, Mr. A and Mr. B traveled from Singapore to Taiwan together, while Mr. A gave birth to a baby girl at the hotel where he was staying. Afterwards, Mr. A and Mr. B put the baby in a garbage bag and threw it in a food waste bin at a restaurant in the city. The two returned to Singapore on the afternoon of the crime, where the discarded baby was carried in a garbage truck to a recycling plant, about 10 km from the restaurant, and found dead several hours later by a factory worker. The umbilical cord and placenta remained in the body.

A forensic examination confirmed that the baby was alive at the time of delivery.

Mr. A and Mr. B denied all charges. Mr. A insisted, “I was not pregnant. If I had been pregnant, I would not have been able to board a flight to Taiwan.” Mr. B also said, “I have never left the hotel to throw away the trash bag containing the newborn.”

Taiwanese prosecutors said there was objective evidence to prove their crimes. The reason was that the blood traces found in the hotel where Mr. A and Mr. B stayed matched the genes (DNA) of the baby’s body, and that some pieces of the placenta attached to the body came out of the hotel pipe. A CCTV video showing Mr. B coming out of the hotel with a black garbage bag was also presented as evidence.

Taiwanese investigative authorities asked Singapore for assistance, saying that the two people must enter Taiwan to proceed with the trial. Currently, Mr. A and Mr. B are being detained and investigated by Singaporean authorities. They are reportedly engaged in October last year after the incident.

Yeonje Jang, reporter at Donga.com [email protected]

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