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Not only China and Iran, but also India and South Africa quietly support, and US diplomacy can be broken

A Russian Su-27 approaches a US MQ9 Reaper Drone in international airspace over the Black Sea March 16. The Russian plane is leaking fuel, blocking the MQ9’s path. After this, the MQ9 collided with the Russian plane, and the MQ9 disintegrated (courtesy: US European Command/ZUMA Press/Aflo)

(Yoichi Masuzoe: Scholar of International Politics)

The US government announced on March 14 that a US MQ9 military drone and a Russian military fighter plane collided and crashed over the Black Sea. The Russian government denies that the fighter jets made contact with the drone.

Since this drone can also carry missiles, it seems that the Russian side got nervous and scrambled.

“Russia’s foundations are stronger than they think.”

After that, the defense ministers of the United States and Russia held telephone conversations and confirmed that they would deal with this issue with restraint and that they would continue dialogue.

As a result, although it will not lead to serious consequences, it reminded us that a direct military conflict could occur at any time between Russia and NATO in the vicinity of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin climbs into the cabin of a helicopter simulator during a visit to an aviation factory in the Republic of Buryatia, Russia, on March 14. (Photo: Representative photo / Reuters / Aflo)

On the same day, on the 14th, President Putin visited the Republic of Buryatia in the Far East and inspected a helicopter manufacturing plant.

In doing so, he justified the invasion of Ukraine, stating: “This is not just a geopolitical battle, it is a battle for the survival of the state. It is a battle for our future,” he said.

“Our enemies expected our economy to collapse, but it didn’t. The foundations of Russia’s stability were stronger than they thought,” he added.


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