A fake encounter between the governor and the government; Cheating people: VD Satheesan – VD Satheesan | Arif Mohammad Khan

Thiruvananthapuram∙ Opposition leader VDSathisan said that the conflict between Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and the state government is fake. The governor and the government are also deceiving the people. VD Satheesan said that the effort is to save the government from many issues. His response comes in the context of the governor’s letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressing his displeasure over Finance Minister KN Balagopal, who had made a public statement against him, continuing as minister.

“The Governor has no power to dismiss Ministers for any reason he pleases. The Governor can only withdraw ministers on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Now the Governor has used the non-existent power. Apparently there is a conflict between the governor and the government. But this is not a conflict. It’s a fake encounter. Both have come together to deceive the people. They were together in everything. And then show it as a conflict in front of the people. “This conflict is to save the government from many issues,” he said.

English Summary: VD Satheesan on Governor-Government Tussle

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