A family that disappeared after leaving for a month’s experience of living in a rural area… Police Missing Alert

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The family of an elementary school student who had left for a month’s experience of living in a rural area lost contact, so the police issued a missing person warning and started to find out whereabouts.

According to the Gwangju Nambu Police Station on the 24th, the police are looking for a 10-year-old Jo and his family living in Nam-gu.

It is known that the Chaoyang family left for Wando, Jeollanam-do last month to experience living in a rural area for a month. However, even after the trial period was over, Chaoyang did not go to school, and when he could not contact his family, the school reported it to the police.

It is reported that these families have not been found since the last time their reaction to life was confirmed on an island in Wando at the end of last month.

The police have issued a missing person alert in Nam-gu and Wando, Gwangju, and are focusing on finding the whereabouts of the Chaoyang family.

Kim Soo-young, reporter at Hankyung.com swimming@hankyung.com

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