A famous idol who even ‘fainted’ due to the aftereffects of Corona, but continued activities (Video)

Group Mamamoo member Moonbyul (29, Moonbyul) delivered a sad recent situation.

The candid confessions of Top Girl FC members continued in the SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Striking Night’, which was broadcast on the 22nd.

Hereinafter, SBS ‘Goal Beating Overnight’

On this day’s broadcast, Moonbyul, the youngest member of Top Girl FC, read the letter she wrote to her sisters. Moonbyul said, “Thank you for always taking care of me. Talking about it makes me want to be honest.”

Then, Moonbyul was unable to speak and showed a tearful look. Moonbyul, who barely spoke up, said, “These days, I’ve been running all the time since last year, but I seem to be physically exhausted from the repetitive routine. shed tears

He also thanked the members, saying, “I like being able to have these conversations with my sisters. Even if I’m not a ‘godly girl’, I want to remain the youngest of the sisters. I think meeting the older sisters in my life will remain a great strength in my life.” expressed

Moonbyul said, “Thank you for reading so much. Thanks to the older sisters who made me feel warm, I want to become that kind of older sister.”

After reading the letter, Moonbyul also confessed about her current health. Moonbyul confessed, “It’s really hard these days. There have been a lot of burnouts.” Chaerina explained, “Actually, Byul-i fell a few times. He was holding out despite the hardships because he was not feeling well due to the severe aftereffects of the corona virus.”

Moonbyul said, “I’ve been thinking about that a lot these days. I wonder if it’s right to keep doing this.” “If I take a break here, I’ll have to make it again. When I’m with my unnies, I forget about it a bit.”

After hearing this, Bada said, “We can all sympathize with what you’re saying. It’s who you were 10 years ago and 20 years ago, so there are things that cheered you up more. I was able to understand you more.” Because it was, I want to tell you all the stories I wish I had known at that time.”

Previously, Moonbyul was diagnosed with Corona 19 ahead of her solo comeback in April. At that time, Moonbyul had completed the third vaccination.

Naver TV, SBS ‘Goal-beating night out’

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