A famous lawyer clearly reveals that Ma Ornapha hit a younger actor in Korea. The owner even commented

Facebook Sappisansook Yodmongkhon, who has a career as a lawyer, confirmed that The case of a young star He traveled to South Korea to undergo surgery with the horse Onnapha as a guide until the incident occurred in a department store. The young star was tired and wanted to go back to rest, but the horse Onnapha told him to eat crab together. In displeasure, the horse, Onnapha, struck the face of a young star in a famous department store. along with the clip coming out

identify This case falls under Section 391 of the Criminal Code, which is considered a misdemeanor when using physical violence. But this case cannot be prosecuted in Thailand. Cases of misconduct committed outside the Kingdom Even though the offender and the offender are Thai people he cannot be prosecuted

It will be seen that Section 5 6 7 8 of the Criminal Code does not specify that misconduct to be punished in the Kingdom (But if he commits a crime, he can be prosecuted) The actions of the Onnapha horse cannot be prosecuted in Thailand. Until the horse came to post a short thank you message

In terms of the Criminal Code, section 20 in cases of offenses punishable under Thai law Committed outside the Kingdom of Thailand to the Attorney General or to act as a responsible investigating officer or to assign duties The prosecutor may public or any investigation officer be responsible for conducting the investigation.

The Criminal Code, section 22, has the principle that when a crime occurs alleging or believing that it occurred in any jurisdiction; to pay in that court, but if

(2) when the offense occurs outside the Kingdom to pay the case in the Criminal Court If the investigation is carried out in an area within the jurisdiction of any court to pay in that court as well

To punish criminals outside the Kingdom It is not an application to be punished under any section of the Criminal Code Consideration of the Criminal Code must be consistent and in accordance with the Criminal Code and must be consistent with offenses committed outside the Kingdom under Sections 7,8,9 or offenses committed on board Thai or Thai aircraft outside the Kingdom, but in the case of Ornapha horses committing an offense in accordance with Section 391, it is not subject to the Criminal Code, Section 20 or Section 22(2) to bring the offender to the punishment accordingly Criminal Law in Thai courts

side Onnapha’s horse make a brief comment on this matter Thank you

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