A female college student who bakes pancakes was struck by the exposure of her breasts… Sales are great

Olive Aranya Apaiso / Photo = MYKMU.NET interview video capture

A 23-year-old nursing student in a revealing outfit collided with police while selling pancakes.

On the 27th (local time), foreign media such as The Sun reported that Thai nursing student Olive Aranya Apaiso (23) is drawing attention in Chiang Mai with her revealing clothes. Olive sold pancakes at her stall in Chiang Mai, and sales quadrupled after she changed her outfit to a nearly revealing top.

However, some residents who raised concerns about Olive’s sales strategy reported to the police, and on the 26th, the police visited his stall and ordered “change his shirt.”

Controversy over Olive’s costume has spread to the local district council. “Chiang Mai is a city of culture,” said Chang Phuak, a spokesperson for the district council’s office.

“We asked the woman to cooperate with her to put on her underwear and wear less obscene clothing,” he added.

Olive Aranya Apaiso / Photo = MYKMU.NET interview video capture

Olive Aranya Apaiso / Photo = MYKMU.NET interview video capture

Olive explained, “I’m sorry if the revealing clothes were uncomfortable,” but “I put tape on important parts of the body to prevent the clothes from dripping.

After wearing revealing outfits, he said, “Customers lined up before the store opened, and some of them posed with me and shared their photos online, making me more famous.” They are selling pancakes.”

Police have warned that sanitary measures must be followed, including clothing, tying hair, wearing gloves and an apron, as well as maintaining distance between customers while preparing food.

“I am willing to follow all instructions,” Olive said. “I will cover myself more and follow hygiene guidelines.”

The pancakes sold by Olive are about 35 baht per box. However, publicly obscene acts in Thailand are punishable by a fine of 5,000 baht (about 180,000 won).

Lieutenant Colonel Willappat Kamrapich said: “Police will inspect the store at random to make sure Olive is following his advice.”

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