A female performer in ‘Solo Hell’ left this message on the 21st (today) after being invited to the luxury ‘Company C’ event

There is a female performer in Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’, who was invited to the luxury ‘Company C’ event and left a message directly.

Below is Shin Ji-yeon’s Instagram

She is Shin Ji-yeon, one of the most popular women in ‘Solo Hell’.

On the afternoon of the 21st, on Instagram, Shin Ji-yeon shared two photos taken by attending a brand event with a luxury brand company C bag.

He announced that he had been sponsored by the luxury brand, and said, “Thank you for inviting me.”

In the photo, Shin Ji-yeon is posing in front of a photo spot with more than half of her face covered with a mask. On this day, Shin Ji-yeon showed a luxurious image by completing an innocent yet sophisticated styling.

Jiyeon Shin / YouTube
Jiyeon Shin / YouTube ‘Netflix Korea Netflix Korea’

Meanwhile, Shin Ji-yeon, who received a lot of attention and love for her appearance in ‘Solo Hell’, has recently opened a YouTube channel and is showing active activities.

Earlier, Shin Ji-yeon participated in the 90th National Chunhyang Selection Contest held in September 2020 and announced her name and face first. At that time, he was selected as ‘Miss Chunhyang-sook’ (the winner of the contest was Jin Seon Mi Jeong-suk).

youtube below
Below is the YouTube ‘Subscribe’

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