A female themed drama in the form of an absurd comedy is surprising people

Original title: A female-themed drama in the form of an absurd comedy surprises people

What has been a surprise to the audience recently are dramas on the theme of women. From “Rock and Roll” to “Ripple Heart”, women’s dramas have become more diverse, interesting and beautiful. Unlike “Rock and Roll”, which has cool characters and bold plots, the current “Ripple Heart” deconstructs women’s issues through absurd comedy and a love story.

The drama stars Qin Lan, Lan Yingying, and Zheng Hehuizi. The three actors interpret women in three age groups: 40, 30, and 20. They are different in terms of age and personality, but they are all dare to love, hate, and dare A woman who pursues and dares to let go. The three story lines of the play are all presented in an absurd comedy style. Regardless of whether they encounter betrayal, deception or traps in love, regardless of how bloody life is, the three girls can respect themselves and fight in by several “great habits” in life.

In the drama, Pan Xiaochen, a gold insurance salesman played by Lan Yingying, encounters a strange love story. Pan Xiaochen and Wang Jun are experiencing a seven-year itch in their relationship, and their once romantic relationship has gradually turned into a cold habit. After some thought, Pan Xiaochen chose to take the initiative to definitely restore the love. The strange thing is that Wang Jun, who had dared not to talk about the breakup, bought the gym instructor to lure Pan Xiaochen into cheating in order to get rid of this relationship. What is even more absurd is that when Wang Jun was about to break up, Wang Jun’s mother fell seriously ill and wished his son to marry earlier, and Wang Jun began to “chase his wife” to’ the opposite. This line reversed and reversed. Wang Jun still acted as a demon, but it was all under the control of Pan Xiaochen. Pan Xiaochen and Wang Jun started a game of cat and mouse, and the story was more exciting. Pan Xiaochen is in an omniscient perspective, constantly pinching the lover who thinks he controls everything, but this story line is not a completely cold drama. Pan Xiaochen’s disappointment and loss of love is also full of pain, it love is exhausted, and lovers become strangers, which “calculation” is irreversible. This story is about the “breakup game”, but the audience can still understand the usual anti-hedge plot.

Qin Lan plays the role of Zhang Fan, an interior designer who is divorced. In the drama, he deduces the love of a “grabbing horse” with his “younger brother”. Zhang Fan represents a 40-year-old woman, who is steady, generous and rational. Zhang Fan went to Paris for a holiday and woke up to find Lin Sen played by Wang Ziyi sleeping on the bed Zhang Fan left the sentence that his name was Julia Roberts, turned around and left. Lin Sen chased after him from Paris to China, chasing him relentlessly. What is even more absurd is that when Zhang Fan returned to work, he started killing all over the world to help the female worker who was sexually assaulted by the general manager of the same company to seek justice. When “this love in the new year” is put into the common plot, it’s time to start sadomasochism, but the play opens with a comic-style sister’s dimension reduction and an attack on the opposite plot of the younger brother .The two are constantly getting to know each other, slowly Removing all kinds of obstacles and coming together. The secret of Lin’s scandal that happened before has become a suspicious clue to promote the relationship between the two.

The storyline starring Zheng He Keiko tells the story of a female graduate student in her 20s who found out she was cheated on by a married man, broke up decisively and decided to take revenge. Zheng He Huizi plays the role of Luo Xiaoxiao, who is full of youthful vitality. She acts boldly and dares to love and hate. true colors one after another. In this play, not only are the three women smart and brave, but the three corresponding male protagonists are also rivals and not complete tools.

The love stories of the three heroines in the play are actually very normal. A drama disassembles these normal stories in an absurd comedy style. Those old rotten sesame millet things, but the way the story is told is fresher. The highly refined routine also makes you think about the problem, but the audience is firmly drawn in by the story. “Ripple Heart” is like the light version of “Deadly Woman”, which sets the betrayal, deception and traps faced by women in love stories, and shows their attitudes through the way women treat love. The beauty of “Ripple Heart” is that it has stepped out of the heavy narrative template of women’s stories. When discussing women’s issues, it wears a slightly cheerful shell, and presents women’s declarations of love in laughter and scolding.

“Rock and Roll” has made a brand new attempt at female characters, female relationships, and shaping special women, breaking stereotypes and labels, while “Ripple Heart” has made bold attempts in the way of storytelling, providing the narrative approach to women’s plays brings new ideas for solving problems. With the continuous rise of such innovative dramas, dramas with a female theme can gradually break the conventions of the story such as a strong female narrative, gender conflict, and female cooperation, so that this type of drama can truly move towards a broader creative path that focuses on stories. and characters. (Shi Wenjing)

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