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Microsoft’s US FPS (first person shooter) “Halo Infinite” is scheduled to release an open beta version of “Forge Mode” where you can create your own maps during November. Users who used it unofficially are attracting attention by reproducing the world of “Toy Story”.

↑ Image: Red Nomster

This forge mode started when it was installed as a map creation tool in “Halo3” released in 2007. In the beginning, the layout editor could not be changed, ie map buildings, terrain, etc., only objects such as weapons, vehicles, boxes, etc. that could be rearranged.

Once it was in the hands of the user community, they put together wooden crates to make a pelican, used a teleporter node to make things float in the air, and all sorts of ingenuity. Forge mode has continued to evolve in the Halo series since then, adding more assets and terrain parts, color editing and lighting changes, and scripts (simple programming). It became a playground for players.

Now, a user who calls himself Red Nomster has perfectly recreated Andy’s room (the human protagonist of the first three games), familiar from the series “Toy Story”, in the world of “Halo Infinite, ” where bullets fly everywhere. I have released a video I made.

From the third alien doll, Mr Potato Head, Slinky Dog with a spring body to the toy box, every detail seems to be elaborate.

This July, there was also a Forge Mode stalwart to skillfully recreate the corridors of Hideo Kojima’s PT horror game, from the lighting to the sound.

As I mentioned earlier, Forge Mode is not officially available yet. If you forcefully use a loophole, there is a high possibility that your account will be banned, so I would like to wait for the open beta in November this year or the official version which is planned to be released from November to March this year next.

Source: Red Nomster (YouTube)
via: Wccftech

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