A Florida woman finds a rare search for blood to save lives

A Florida woman finds a rare search for blood to save lives
Ramona Speer has a very rare blood type to get rescue surgery.

PENSACOLA, Fla. – Florida's real estate agent who needs rescue surgery is reaching out to the country to donate blood, and hopes that one could be a match for his very rare blood type.

Ramona Speer lives in Navarre for 20 years and is a real estate agent with American Real Estate ERA. About a week and a half ago, when Charles's husband died one year, he received a medical diagnosis that was life-threatening.

She told the News Pensacola Journal, part of the US TODAY Network, that she is not yet comfortable sharing her diagnosis in public because she is still coming to herself and trying to share her friends privately first.

But the day before Speer admitted to the Sacred Heart Hospital for surgical news gave me: they had to postpone surgery until they could get eight pints of O-negative blood that are also negative for the antigen KPB, which is one of the most rare blood types in the world.

"I understand that 4 to 7% of the population have O-negative blood," said Speer. "But the problem with that is O-negative problem, with only 2% negatively tested for the KPB antigen."

The Speer told immediately his friends and family, who came into action. The colleague Kim Stuckie began spreading the word on social media, writing jobs, sharing videos and making contact with everyone she could do.

"I just started telling everyone that I could think of it, and it was really snow," Stuckie, marketing manager of the real estate agency said. "It's really, it really grew. I heard of people donating in New Jersey and Arizona, and a friend gave me in Washington blood, too."

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