A forehead lift for people in their 20s and 30s, what are the precautions and key points?

Recently, interest in forehead lift surgery has increased among young people|Source: Getty Image Bank

The face greatly influences the image, and among them, the upper part, that is, the forehead, is greatly affected. In particular, the skin around the eyes and forehead is one of the areas where aging happens the fastest. Areas such as the forehead and around the eyes are relatively thin and prone to wrinkles due to ageing.

In the past, there was a lot of interest in implants or fillers placed on the forehead, but recently interest in a forehead lift has increased. In particular, the number of people performing forehead lift surgery in their 20s and 30s, who are young, is increasing.

Lifting or lifting is considered a medical method, but the most effective among them is forehead lifting, which helps to improve forehead wrinkles.

What is a forehead lift with endotin and endoscopy?

A forehead lift is also known as a brow lift. It is characterized by using a special material called Endotine and an endoscope to increase the stability of the skin surface, remove the forehead and the erect muscles, and reduce the incision. Scary eyebrows, fierce eyebrows, etc. can be corrected naturally with surgery that removes wrinkled foreheads, and aesthetic and functional parts such as piercing eyelashes or opening eyes with the forehead can be improved immediately by correcting drooping eyelids It is an operation.

Do I still need forehead lift surgery at a young age?
There are cases where forehead lift surgery is necessary even in young people in their 20s and 30s. Due to the anatomical structure, people who are used to using their forehead to open their eyes due to an inherent narrowness between the eyebrows and the eyes, or because it is difficult to open the eyes, may develop wrinkles on the forehead. To improve this, a forehead lift is performed.
Also, as a secondary purpose of a forehead lift, if you want your eyes to look bigger and clearer, or if you want big and cool double eyelids, but the size of your eyes cannot be solved with double eyelid surgery alone, if you you want to improve your impression, if you want to improve your impression, or if you want wrinkles even though your eyes are not small A forehead lift is strongly recommended if you have various discomfort symptoms on your back.
Of course, even if the gap between the eyebrows and the eyes is narrow, if you don’t have the habit of opening your eyes with your forehead, you don’t need a forehead lift. However, if the eyes are opened with the forehead, and the existing double eyelid line is buried together with symptoms of ptosis, or if the eyes look small, you can see a great effect just by raising the eyebrows with a forehead lift.
Additionally, there are additional benefits that can be gained by using forehead lift surgery. Fine wrinkles on the forehead can be improved by lifting the eyebrows, and a more voluminous forehead can be obtained by lifting the lower eyebrows and filling the empty spaces above the brow bone with the raised tissues.

In other words, a forehead lift for young people in their 20s and 30s is not just an operation that focuses on the forehead, but an operation that can improve the function of the ‘eye’.

Forehead lift using endoscopy and endotin, what are the key points?
An eye forehead lift fitted with endotin is performed on the principle of exfoliation and removal of the drooping forehead after small incisions are made in 3 to 5 places along the hairline, forehead wrinkles, glabellar wrinkles, drooping eyebrows, and eyelashes are removed.
It is important to exfoliate the falling forehead evenly when checking the position of the blood vessels through an endoscope, and the removed forehead is fixed with a material called endotin. Endotin is a medical device made from a material that melts like a medical material and is absorbed into the body within a year. The protruding surface of Endotine improves the setting of the skin, so the lifting effect can be maintained for a long time by removing the skin of the saggy forehead and the muscle layer and fixing it with Endotine.
If the forehead skin layer cannot be peeled off evenly, wrinkles can heal irregularly, and if the peeling area expands, the possibility of damage to internal tissues such as nerves and blood vessels increases and the fracture can increase , which can increase the burden on the patient Surgery is recommended in many hospitals. In addition, since side effects such as bleeding and inflammation can occur depending on the condition of the individual patient, we suggest that each plastic surgery receives systematic guidance and is operated by a specialist with experience in various cases and rich knowledge.

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