A former basketball player and a laborer … 4選 Yeopungdangdang ‘Leadership of Loyalty’

Noo, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, Kim Young-joo

Chairperson Jeong Se-kyun, led by ‘Seogang Forum’
Working with current aides for more than 10 years
Kwon Seong-dong “A person who can have a reasonable conversation”

A ‘female leader’ is no longer unfamiliar. This is especially the case in Yeouido. There was also a time (in 2017) when three out of five political parties in the parliament were represented by women. Nevertheless, the female wind is blowing again in the political arena, but it has nothing to do with a series of social events that have occurred recently, such as the ‘explosion of sexual violence within the party’ and ‘sequelae of gender division’. In the midst of this, four-term high-ranking female politician Kim Young-joo (Seoul Yeongdeungpo-gap, photo) was elected as a candidate for the second half of the 21st National Assembly Vice Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Korea, drawing attention to her ‘girl crush’ leadership.

The keyword that runs through Rep. Kim’s life is ‘loyalty’. At the very least, politicians have combined the words that symbolize Kim’s constituency and loyalty to the extent of calling his name ‘Yeongdeungpo fist’. It is said that his unique background as a ‘basketball player’ was the basis. Even after entering the National Assembly, Rep. Kim is proving that loyalty is not the exclusive property of men. His assistants alone stood by his side for over 10 years. Classified as the chairperson of the Chung Sye-kyun system, he serves as the chairman of the ‘Seogang Forum’ (currently Gwanghwamun Forum), a study group formed with former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun, leading to the 21st National Assembly. The ruling party’s evaluation is also not pessimistic. In an interview with the media in the past, Kwon Seong-dong, floor leader of the People’s Power, praised Rep. Kim as “a person who can have a reasonable conversation on any pending issue, regardless of the ruling and opposition parties.”

As a ‘workman’s man,’ he has devoted his entire life to breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’. Rep. Kim, who turned into a banker after retiring from an athlete in three years due to an injury, entered the labor movement when she realized that she was being paid less than a new male agent because she was a woman. He was appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Financial Union. Even within her party, this career was highly appreciated, and her nomination voice was high even before her candidacy for vice-president. An official from the Democratic Party said, “The reason that he won the contest with a five-term male lawmaker by an overwhelming margin is because there is a high expectation that he will be the right person to coordinate internal party issues and relations with the ruling party through smooth communication.”
Reporter Seong-Hoon Kim

△Seoul (born in 1955) △Muhak Girls’ High School △Department of Korean Language and Literature, Korea Communications University △Sogang University Graduate School of Economics (Master of Economics) △Vice Chairperson of National Financial Union Standing Committee △17th, 19th, 20th and 21st National Assembly △19th National Assembly Chairperson for Environment and Labor △Second 6th Minister of Employment and Labor

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