A former education commissioner of MN is in the final for Boston post NewsCut

Brenda Cassellius, former education commissioner for Minnesota, is seeking a portrait at the Kling Public Media Center on 28 December, 2018. Cody Nelson | MPR News

What do you do if you are a former education commissioner looking for a job in education? You leave the state.

Dr. Re: Brenda Cassellius, 51, left her post when the Dayton administration was replaced in January, a panel which interviewed candidates who were in the Boston final on Tuesday that she was looking for a “ready-to-reach area”. moving a work program for the vulnerable children. ”

Boston may be that area, although she interviewed an excellent education post in Michigan, WBUR reports.

According to WBUR, Cassellius confirmed to the panel that her “Minnesota Niceness” and “hot and fuzzy” do not show that she is unable to cope with significant politics in public education.

The media reports on her session did not indicate whether she referred to the Minnesota Department of Education report which came out yesterday showing the state degree rate at an all-time high, achievement during her term of office. That is the sort of thing that employers can find in the future, even if it shows a gap between white students and color students.

“There are lots of children here who need a leader,” said Cassellius, one of the three contestants in Boston, with the interviewers. “I am looking for areas that are ready to move the agenda to the vulnerable children who want to look at them not just academics.” T

“To close the gap, you have an academic, in-school factor – I can control – but there are factors outside the school that you have to leverage the public and state aid,” said Cassellius, according to Boston. Herald.

“We have children for the longest time and someone needs to co-ordinate this; this is our responsibility in school and out-of-school factors to distribute these resources internally and to co-ordinate all these sectors, ”she said.

Boston schools are experienced with Minnesotans. Carol Johnson, a former teacher, principal and superintendent of Minneapolis, was the school superintendent in Boston between 2007 and 2013.

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