A friend of a high school student 2, the children’s room, the mobile phone is missing Let’s sing to the district director, a teacher at the school. There are many cases where the director has done this.

A friend of a high school student 2, the children’s room, the mobile phone is missing Let’s sing The district director is afraid of being bullied. school teacher Highlight again There are many cases where the director will do this and do not return. Police are investigating witnesses

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BURIRAM – On September 19, 65, the parents of Dr. A (pseudonym), a grade 2 student at a school in Mueang District, Buriram Province, who complained through the media about seeing the school director More behavior like this Case on Wednesday, September 14, 65, mobile phone price, brand Vivo Y12 , blue, about 3,500 baht, which the mother bought for her son to study online. got lost while charging it on the side of the blackboard to study in the room Then the phone disappeared going down to the Scout class.

leading to a search Search all the students and announce in front of the flagpole. until notification is given to Nong Song Hong Police Station, Mueang district. Finally, the school director brought the phone back to the police. After being seized that the phone was with the director It took the whole of 3 days to get it back.

But the story is not over. After the police received the case, the allegations The director of the foundation of theft which is a crime could not agree The damaged students and their classmates They were uneasy about letting the situation remain silent while they waiting for the outcome of the case. because he was afraid that he would not receive justice and be bullied by the director

Recently, DCA roommates made up 10 out of 12 people in the classroom. Travel to Buriram Secondary Education Service Area Office ready to catch various messages School director’s rebuke, many messages from grade 2 students who came to the area office He said the school was too tight in the past. Sometimes there is no time to eat, everything is forbidden, for example, don’t bring your phone to school. which creates difficulties for students when searching for information on the Internet

A reporter travels to the student’s room where the phone has been lost. Having discovered that there were only 2 students left in the room, the rest went to the school district office. One of DCA’s friends said that usually if someone uses their phone to charge no one will interfere During the period that, it was a Scout class. down from class to the field A friend has charged the phone. Ready to take the book to cover the phone. When I came back, I found I could no longer see him.

Professor Sombat (pseudonym) One of the teachers at the school said, He saw the news on TV and was shocked because the story went further than he thought. to admit that there have been many such cases in the past is the student’s seizure and not a return But he has no power to reprimand the director, he can only know.

side Krit Lamunmon Mr The Director of Buriram Secondary Education Field actually said that according to duties the director must visit every part of the school. story I still don’t believe the director will commit robbery as alleged. because of the teacher’s intuition it is probably not so

However, a committee must be established to investigate this matter urgently. The legal case will not intervene Leave it to the police but still no migration because it is in the process of checking facts

For the case, Nong Song Hong Police Station Looking for evidence at this time to ensure fairness for all parties as it is a criminal case, the land cannot agree

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