A funny episode of my child who is smaller than his age

Written = Shin Ji-hyeon (mother of two working hard to improve children’s eating habits and self-development)

When you bring up a child who is younger than your age, there are bound to be a few funny episodes involved. The first time I experienced it, I was sad and upset, but after repeating similar experiences in the flow time, I now reach a stage where I am not only sad, but also funny and sad .

Among them, I would like to share two funny episodes that I experienced recently. If you are a mother raising a child smaller than her age or a child hovering around the bottom of the list for babies and toddlers, you can sympathize.

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Not long ago, on a sunny weekend, my husband and I took our 8-year-old daughter and our second 5-year-old son to a small park near our house. Apart from us, families with children were having a relaxing time. While my husband was away on the phone for a while, I was in charge of the two children, and soon my son ran to one of them and greeted him.

The friend I introduced as a classmate looked like an older brother when my son stood next to him. As I wrote in the last article, it was sad but not surprising that my son’s friends are also taller than my son because he was the second to record the lowest 1% in weight in the recent baby exam after his sister ( !).

Being friends with the younger brother, the first three of them seemed to have developed an inner intimacy, chasing and chasing each other and having fun. Meanwhile, my husband returned from the phone call, and I secretly told him that I was excited to meet my friend.

Then the husband, who was a bit excited and trying to calm his son who was closing the distance with his friend, said this.

“Green, you can’t do that to your brother.”

… … bro?…..
I only realized the situation after about 3 seconds. My husband misunderstood the child I called ‘friend’ as the first friend, not the second. At first glance, he didn’t have a big difference in height from our first, and he was completely different from the second, so of course I thought he was the first friend.

Every time I sighed with worry that my first child was smaller than his peers, it was my husband who showed his desire by saying, “It’s okay, everything will grow up later.” However, I knew the eldest was small, but on the day I confirmed firsthand the reality that even a 5-year-old was suspected of being the same age, it seemed that a little of a blow has come to my husband.

[ 에피소드 2 ]

This was also a while ago. Our family of four went out to eat at a barbecue restaurant after a long time. There is a children’s playroom there, so the brother and sister who wanted to eat quickly and play there finished their meal by doing good performances.

As I watched the children play happily in the playroom, my daughter, who was friendly, and a daughter who was exceptionally playful and responsive stood out. I thought my daughter was very lucky to meet a kind older sister and have fun with her height and body, which anyone could clearly see.

And on the way home, I asked my daughter about the girl she was playing with, and she said:

“I’m a friend who goes to piano academy together.”

My daughter’s friends also don’t discount the possibility that they are the same age as my child when I see children I don’t know much about because they are older than my child. But you are the same age!!!
Looking back later, I think he was on the large side compared to his peers. So, two shots with my child, who is on the small side compared to his peers, was unlikely to be considered a friend of the same age.

Although, of course, I was wrong in predicting her age, which I think is her older sister, but I think it wasn’t so much wrong as I felt my daughter was lucky that day. This is because the child was a good and kind child who was considerate of a friend of the same age who was much smaller than himself at eye level and stared at the friend throughout the play. Wouldn’t it be great luck for my daughter, who has such a friend’s child, to meet such a friend by chance in the playroom of a meat restaurant and have an exciting time?

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