A Georgia football ground corner corner of Kelee Ringo must be placed on the ground

A Georgia football ground corner corner of Kelee Ringo must be placed on the ground

Georgia football lost one of the best corners ever through the school with Deandre Baker. Now the yellow bubble is loaded with talent but they need a ‘it’ factor and Kelee Ringo is in 2020.

On 247 Sports, the overall class is No. 5 and class no. 3 for 2020 at the current football of Georgia.

Georgia already has two five stars, but there are more. One of the five stars needed is Kelee Ringo, back road No. 1 in the country.

The Bulldogs already have one goalkeeper for the 2020 class with Jalen Kimber from the 4 star from Arlington, Texas. He promised to the Bulldoganna on 17 April and SL is the No. 10 in the country.

6-0 170 pounds Kimber and dash runs 4.47 40 yards according to its 247Sports profile, which is a good sign. He has the height and speed but he must put a little weight on it.

By 247Sports Ringo profile, it is the overall player No. 9, SL No. 1 and player No. 1 in Arizona. Ringo is 6-2 and 205 pounds.

The ideal size is required by a team in which secondary players, especially coach like Kirby Smart and defense coach Charlton Warren.

Ringo is a special player; comes with what is already safe. It is long and carries its weight well. Ringo is explosive on the ball and has a straight line straight.

He sees the ball well and generally has excellent skills. Ringo can be a little too physical at times but it is extremely competitive. He needs to check his attack, but with the right training, the attack can then pull out and do something magical with him.

In 2018, he recorded 31 engagements, tackled a loss and had one interception of the season. I expect these numbers to increase for the senior year.

Ringo was at home for Georgia's scavenger hunting, and seemed to go well. He placed these tweets and his mother on the visit.

Since visiting him, I haven't managed to find out how bad this player is for Georgia. It has the speed and the ability to close that side in the end.

Georgia must land Ringo as he could be the next winner for the team Jim Thorpe and help them compete for national titles. The favorite corner is.

Now the town is far from Athens, GA to Scottsdale, Ariz., But if he wants to play the best, there will be no question. Ringo is a SEC backup, and should be another house in the Classical City.

It seems that Georgia is one of the best teams for him now, but do not count on Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, and Oregon either. These four other schools will continue to press him even after he has made his decision.

If I had to say where Ringo will come to an end, I would tell Georgia. The last visit seems to have gone out of the pitch, and I think it could make a commitment earlier than later.

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However, Georgia must continue to sell the program with it until it gets signed on the broken line. I believe when he pledges that he might be over, but with this high-quality player, Dawg must handle it as they did with Nolan Smith.

However, I have full confidence in the team, and I think Ringo is just the start of how impressive the Georgia 2020 recruitment class will be.

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