A Georgian senator says he is not worried because his business state lost movies over abortion ban

In comments given to Fox News on Monday, Perdue said he is not concerned about the production companies that leave the state. He said that Georgia had a strong attitude to business and a recent study said that "Georgia is ranked sixth in a row as the best state in the country to do business." This designation was again re-presented to Georgia in November by the publication Site Selection.

It was a major reason for the economic success of the state due to the fact that "Georgia produces more traditional film production than any other state including California," said Perdue.

Perdue's comments come after three production companies say they would not make a film in Georgia. Blown Deadline Productions, who was the creator along with Killer Films Leaders and Duplass Brothers Productions said they had recently led them to shoot in other states, and that they were encouraging colleagues to do the same.

Perdue poses the threat. "It is very unlikely that some of those companies are threatening to make boycott in Georgia," he said. "Obviously rhetoric is more important than reality."

CNN reached a Perdue office but his spokesman said there would be no mention of the record over the senator's comments in the interview.

The American Writers Association has expressed concern about the law and the Motion Picture Society of America says that it monitors the situation to see if a claim to prevent it is successful.

Contrary to the new law, actor Alyssa Milano, who is currently shooting in Georgia for a Netflix show, in the post open letter to law makers signed by dozens of actors, including Don Cheadle, David Cross, Rosie O 'Donnell, and Ben Stiller.

"We cannot continue to recommend that our industry remains in Georgia if HB 481 becomes law," the letter said.

Abortion law is part of Roe's v. Attempt. Wade to cancel

Gov. Brian Kemp's bill, HB 481, which prevents abortion after fetal heart blow, was detected last Tuesday. In most pregnancies, the baby's heart beat can be detected around the six-week mark. In signing the bill, he fulfilled an important campaign commitment for voters in his search for the Lord Mayor last year.

Perdue said Monday that he supports life policies.

"Life is precious and we call to protect it at any time, as long as it is there." he said during the interview Fox. "This is not a radical right or a liberal issue left here in Georgia. It is a moral issue and I think the people of Georgian are speaking."

However, before the bill enters into force on 1 January, 2020, its constitutionality is likely to present challenges. Federal courts canceled core bills in Iowa and North Dakota. But conservative lawmakers continue to push the bills.

Success with Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, and Arkansas passed core bills this year, as part of an attempt to surrender abortion before the Supreme Court. The high court has long indicated that the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade the right for women to receive abortion.

Correction: The headline of this story was updated to demonstrate that Georgia's abortion bill was not considered unconstitutional.


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