Home News A girl 15 years old was raped by her uncle-in-law. The pontoon broke because his wife called after him. A cell phone rang from the grandson’s room.

A girl 15 years old was raped by her uncle-in-law. The pontoon broke because his wife called after him. A cell phone rang from the grandson’s room.

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A 15-year-old girl was raped by her uncle-in-law over the years. forced amphetamine The pontoon broke because his wife called after him. The sound of a cell phone rang from the grandson’s room.

(22 Nov. 21) At 15.00 Ms. Wirantri, 36 years old, located in Chiang Khan Subdistrict, Chiang Khan District, Loei Province, called to the media that on 19 November 21 at 5 PM, Ms. Fa (name Suppose) A 15-year-old daughter was attacked by 58-year-old Mr. Mongkol, an uncle-in-law, and raped her daughter. File a complaint to the Chiang Khan Police Station, fearing that the case will not progress. Afraid of the perpetrators following the murder call for help

Ms. Wirantree Suphankham said that on the night of November 19, 21 at 10:00 p.m., she went to a friend’s birthday party and came back home. I saw that the door to my daughter’s room was open. with suspicion to see I saw my daughter in the room And there was 1 phone that fell and a call came in, so answered the call, found that it was Mrs. Aom, 30 years old, her sister called Mr. Mongkol, who is her husband. and saw Mr. Mongkol hiding at the clothesline Then ran away from the room to the back of the house. So he asked his daughter, but the daughter refused to tell. and saw that the bed was stained with semen So he got angry with his daughter until he confessed that Mr. Mongkol’s uncle-in-law had raped his daughter for more than a year. And the last time, forced to use methamphetamine too. Set that the house is only 10 meters apart, so took her daughter to report to Police Lieutenant Panupong Namkhun, the Chiang Khan Police Station but fear that the case will not progress therefore asked the media to help

Ms. Fah (a fictitious name) said that she had been raped by her uncle-in-law when her mother was away for more than a year and every time she threatened to tell someone to kill her. So afraid to not tell anyone Until the last time, in the middle of the night on 19 November 64, Aunt-in-law came in to rape and threaten to kill. and forced to put methamphetamine in foil and inhaled 5 amphetamine pills candles until the house came to know about so tell the truth I’m so scared now because the aunt-in-law has not yet been arrested by the police Myself and my mother had to live at a relative’s house that is 10 km away from their home for safety reasons.

As for Mrs. Aom, the aunt-in-law’s wife, who has a house next to each other, said that she had just learned the truth. that the husband raped his granddaughter because the date of the incident Husband said that he was going to have a drink at a friend’s house. So call the mobile phone But a loud noise came from the granddaughter’s bedroom. Asked her husband what to do, he said nothing. So went into the house and did not see her husband. but found her granddaughter in the bathroom until the husband confessed that he had raped and used methamphetamine which now the husband goes to live at the relative’s house Will come back when Pongs summons him, he has to let go of the law.

Pol Lt Col Kanap Phukongnam, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation) of the Chiang Khan Police Station, said that the case, the police are in the process of collecting evidence. and waiting for the multidisciplinary team to come and question the children and waiting for the results of the hospital examination Then the accused will be summoned to acknowledge the allegations. If not, an arrest warrant will be issued. In this case, the NSPC expedited the case to remain calm and fair to both parties.


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