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A girl who doesn’t get discouraged. The sedan disappeared from the garage. find yourself until you find Commander Non Chunjuad Why the station is still release the victim

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A girl who doesn’t get discouraged, takes the cab to fix it, suddenly disappears from the garage, looks for herself until she finds it. is being sold unfolding the dubious garage owner Commander Non Chunjuad Why the station is still release the victim

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On 22 November 64, the reporters were coordinated by Miss Pimnaphat or June Nuanhong, 27 years old, owner of a white Toyota Camry sedan, license plate number 1 Kor Phor 4366, Bangkok, which was taken to be repaired at a garage in Bang Bua Thong area, Nonthaburi province after birth. The accident hit a dog until the radiator burst on September 16, 64. It turns out that about a month later, the garage owner called to inform that the car was stolen by a criminal. which the garage’s camera captures the bad guy The owner of the garage filed a complaint at the Bang Bua Thong Police Station on October 19, 64.

Until 22 November 64, Ms. Pimnaphat was notified by a friend on Facebook that Found a Camry sedan for sale on a page. which is similar to the car of Miss Pimnapas Which is sold at a car sales tent in Nawamin area, Bangkok, causing Miss Pimnaphat and friends observing the movement at this car tent Before deciding to seek help from the police investigation team. Plan to lure a stolen car to wear the registration plate.

Then at 13.00, the Khok Kram Police Investigation Unit brought forces to the tent area to sell such used cars. A white Toyota Camry sedan can be seized, license plate number 2, 7181, Bangkok. There are many details that match the victim’s car. Consequently, it was seized to be inspected at the Khok Kram police station, as well as to invite the owner of the car tent and the car salesman for questioning.

From the questionnaire, Mr. Traipop Yooprasert, 42, and Mr. Watchara Phungmee, 29, were friends of the victims. who came to help track the car back, said that fortunately, today we have found Nong June’s car in this area. which when asked for help from the police investigation team, Khok Kram Police Station, and the police immediately mobilized forces to inspect the suspected car. Before stopping the car for inspection Which he was worried that when Nong June was going to ask for help from the police If the culprit who brought the car to sell catches up, he and his friends who guard the car from a distance probably won’t be able to follow up And if the sedan car fell out of this tent already. It would be difficult to trace back. Because the seller set the price at only 4 hundred thousand baht, which is a very cheap price. Fortunately, the police investigation team, Khok Kram Police Station, helped.

Mr. Watchara said that he wondered why his friend’s car was repaired at a garage in Bang Bua Thong area. and the date of the incident Everything happened in perfect harmony, bringing the car into the garage, putting the keys in front of the car. Plus, the garage door is left open and not locked. When the car was lost, the owner of the garage hurried to report it. but not responsible for any Then go to the news in another way that the care and remedies have already paid hundreds of thousands of damages. which is not true Because Nong June received only 5 thousand baht for wasted time from the new garage owner. Along with finding a sedan, which is a name that no one knows to use instead. And the most painful thing is After Nong June filed a complaint at the Bang Bua Thong Police Station for months, the case had never made any progress. Friends had to help each other find out. When I asked the Bang Bua Thong Police Investigation Unit, I was told that this garage has a good back.

Ms. Pimnapas said she was happy to be able to return the car by herself. Even though it’s almost hopeless which he confirms that this car is definitely his to be changed what did you modify? He was able to remember marks, marks, symbols. All the cars in time The only weird thing attached to their car was a license plate that wasn’t theirs only. Because even the size of Bluetooth car audio that must be connected to a mobile phone Today when we went down to prove it at the car tent. They can also access the connected audio system immediately without having to press a new password at all.

Ms. Pimnapas also said she wanted the police to investigate and extend the results to the perpetrators. believed to be a counterfeiting process change chassis number Change the cut C number If today he is not lucky to receive information about his car and can follow the car in time. By now it must have been moved out to be sold or distributed as spare parts. I would like to leave the adults with authority in this matter to take care of the case and be fair to them.

because he believes that this case is not the first case where the injured person has been treated like this And it turned out that our side, the owner of the victim, was asked by the Bang Bua Thong police officer in the area with suspicion that He was the one who stole the car out of the garage even though he still didn’t know that the radiator was broken. When will the garage be repaired? Then why put the key to lure so careless eyes? The entrance door to the garage was not closed. when facilitating the perpetrators and also reported a missing car to protect himself The behavior of the owner of this garage is still very suspicious.

Reporters reported that after Maj. Gen. Paisan Wongwatcharamongkol, commander of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police. know the story Has ordered the police officers of the Bang Bua Thong Police Station involved in this case to make a letter explaining the progress report tomorrow. Why is the owner of the garage not prosecuted for embezzlement? And why did the police investigating team at Bang Bua Thong Police Station not track down the culprit who stole the car and let the victim, a 27-year-old woman and her friends, be able to track down the car by themselves? until eventually leading to sequestration

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