A glass of olive juice asks for 4,350 yuan, “It takes 3hr to make” online reveals the real purpose of the store | International | CTWANT

A Chinese beverage store launched olive juice with an asking price of 1,000 yuan. (Picture/Retrieved from Boiling Point Video)

Is this drink inlaid with gold? A beverage store in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China recently launched an olive juice, but the asking price for a glass of 1,000 yuan (about 4,350 NT dollars) is unbelievable. The store also explained the reason for this, which sparked heated discussions among netizens.

According to the “Boiling Point Video” report, a man came to the beverage store and asked: “1000 yuan (RMB) for a cup?” The clerk responded: “Yes, if you order now, you have to wait 3 hours before you can get it.” What’s there? The clerk explained that due to the vintage and variety of the olives, the price would be more expensive, which made the man exclaimed: “Oh my god! I am too poor and limit my imagination.”

The clerk said that it would take 3 hours to make.  (Picture/Retrieved from Boiling Point Video)
The clerk said that it would take 3 hours to make. (Picture/Retrieved from Boiling Point Video)

In response to the question, the store responded, “The purchase price of olive juice is more than 800 yuan per catty, and it takes 3 hours to make. The cup is a 450ml golden cup of the town’s treasure.” After the news was exposed, netizens were frightened, “It’s too expensive, I bought fairy water for only a few tens of yuan, and a drink would cost me so much?”, “I still launched this more luxurious consumer product after all. Once the ethos spreads, it will not be a good thing for the society”, “It’s so expensive, and I’m worthy of milk tea worth more than ten or twenty yuan.”

However, there are also many people who think it’s okay: “mark the price clearly, just don’t buy it”, “this is no problem, others explain it clearly!”, “If you are willing to fight, there is nothing surprising”, “this is normal, right? You don’t want to drink it if you think it’s expensive. There is a market for everything that is expensive.”

In addition, some netizens revealed the purpose behind the store, “It’s just a gimmick, you will lose if you are serious. In fact, you may not sell it if you want to drink it. You have to make an appointment one day in advance. The general price in their home is around 20 or 30, mainly fruit tea.”